Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2010 BMW 335D

2010 335d

The 2010 335d will erase those bad memories forever - if you'll give it 5.9 seconds of your time. That's how long it will take for the twin-turbo'd, direct-injected 3 liter diesel six to get you to 60 mph. This powerhouse makes 265 hp and an astounding 425 lbs.-ft of torque - output comparable to a large displacement V-8, but without the big V-8's appetite for fuel.

At 80 mph, the engine is barely idling at 2,000 RPM. At 120, it is just beginning to stretch its legs.

A gas-burning 335i is slightly quicker to 60 and about as fast, all out - but you'll be stopping more often given its SUV-like 17 MPG city and 26 MPG highway.

The diesel is electric motor quiet on the highway and almost impossible to distinguish from a gas engine at idle. It even behaves like a gas engine - a big V-8 gas engine - with an RPM range that runs to 5,000-plus RPM (high for a diesel they typically max out around 4,000-4,500 RPM) and muscle car-like off-the-line acceleration and part-throttle passing power.

Some say you can't have your cake and eat it, too. They were wrong!

Monday, June 28, 2010

2010 Jaguar XJ

2010 Jaguar XJ

How do you update an icon without losing the iconic look - and the buyers who revere the icon?

The first toe in the proverbial water was last year's XF - which replaced the very traditional-looking "Old School" S-Type mid-sized sedan. It was a n extremely risky move. Would Jaguar purists object - and abandon the marque? And even more importantly, would Lexus, BMW and Mercedes buyers like the new XF enough to cross shop? The Motor Gods smiled upon Jaguar. Current Jaguar owners did not curl their lips at the XF's sportier, younger-looking (but still "Jaguar") silhouette. And potential prospects who hadn't even considered a Jag in years were showing definite interest.

The 2010 XJ completes Jaguar's model lineup makeover - offering buyers similarly updated cosmetics in a larger, even more opulent package.The 2010 XJ combines traditional British elegance - including Satin Em veneer trim panels, foot rests and drop-down wood-paneled trays for the backseat occupants - with the very latest in high-end telematics (hard drive-based navigation system, Buetooth wireless, 1200 watt Bowers & Wilkens stereo with 14 speakers) for the Total Jaguar Experience.

A 385 hp 5.0 liter V-8 is standard but buyers may upgrade to the supercharged version of the XJ - which ups the underhood ante to 470 hp. An extended wheelbase XJL offers backseat occupants more legroom than most luxury cars provide for front seat occupants.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

2010 Mercedes-Benz S400 hybrid

Recently passed Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) rules will punish any car company whose "fleet average" gas mileage is lower than 35 mpg with gas guzzler penalties that could amount to several thousand dollars per car. This would make individual cars more expensive for consumers - and less profitable for the automakers. Hence the hybrid Benz S400.

Instead of the usual V-8 (or V-12) engine and single-digit city and mid-teens fuel economy, the S400's V-6/hybrid powertrain delivers 26 mpg on the highway - and a very respectable (for a full-size, premium sedan) 19 mpg in city-type driving. While not quite 35 mpg, it's considerably closer to that mark than the previous V-8 powered S550's 14 city, 22 highway - and the single digit performance of the V-12 powered S600. This ought to soften the blow of future gas guzzler taxes for Mercedes-Benz.

Buyers, meanwhile, will not be short-changed on power (299 hp from the 3.5 liter V-6/hybrid powertrain) or performance (0-60 in under 7 seconds). And naturally, the S400 will be fitted with all the amenities one would expect to find in a top-of-the-line Mercedes, plus some hybrid-specific features, too - including special instrumentation to keep track of the hybrid gas-electric powertrain's operation.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

2010 Aston Martin Rapide

It was also a Hail Mary attempt to save Aston Martin, the company, from going out of business. At the time of the Lagonda's press introduction in the fall of 1975, the British automaker was on the verge of financial collapse. The four-door Lagonda, it was hoped, would provide the company entree into the ultra-premium luxury sedan market - where it could perhaps lure away some Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Maserati buyers in the mood for something different - as well as infuse some much-needed operating capital to keep the company afloat.

The strategy worked, brilliantly. Even before production began, Aston received hundreds of cash deposits for the car. The Lagonda thus saved the company - and set the stage for the pending launch, some 30 years later, of its heir: the 2010 Rapide.

This new super sedan will share general styling themes with the current DB9 coupe - including a similar front-end treatment centered on the classic "Aston" semi-oval grille, with twin hood power ducts and side fender vents - as well as the DB9's hammerhead 5.9 liter V-12 engine, producing an anticipated 500-plus horsepower.

If James Bond ever decides on a wife and kids, the Rapide would be the ideal "family friendly" Aston!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010 Porsche Panamera

The Cayenne quickly became one of Porsche's most popular models.

But though it's a potent performer on and off-road, the 4WD Cayenne was never intended to be an all-out sports car like its 911, Cayman and Boxster siblings.

Something was still missing from the Porsche lineup.

With the introduction of the 2010 Panamera sport sedan, Porsche fills in that gap with a machine that offers the no-compromises driving experience of a high-performance coupe in a body that just happens to have four doors.

The car sits low - the top of its roof is only about four-and-a-half feet off the ground (55.8 inches). That's nearly a foot lower than the roofline of the current Cayenne - and within inches of the race car profile of the current 911 (51.6 inches). The Panamera also sits about two inches closer to the pavement than a 2010 BMW 5-series (57.8 inches) or Mercedes S-Class (58 inches) and though it has four doors, it is designed to seat only four people - not five. In the back, you'll find a pair of sculpted sport buckets - not a three-across bench as in virtually every other luxury sedan. But luxury is not by any means overlooked. Those contoured back buckets are eight-way adjustable and available with bun warmers and coolers as well as a refrigerated compartment tucked nearby for perishables.

To complete the uber-luxury ensemble, select the 16 speaker Burmester surround-sound audio system and "ruffled" ultra-premium leather upholstery.

Under the Panamera's 911-like hood, meanwhile, lies a 4.8 liter all-alloy V-8 that produces between 400 and 500 horsepower (in Turbo form). It is the first V-8 to be put into a Porsche sports car since the old 928 series - which was discontinued after the 1995 model year. The Panamera shares another feature with the historic 928: its engine is up in front rather than tucked behind the driver, as in the mid-engineed Cayman/Boxster and the rear-engined 911.

The front-engined layout was deemed necessary mainly for balancing reasons (the Panamera would otherwise be overly light-nosed and this would impair handling) while calling up the big V-8 vs. the more traditional - and smaller displacement - "boxer" sixes was necessary to provide the 4,300 pound sedan with the bottom end grunt (as well as high RPM horsepower) necessary for 911-like acceleration. How 911-like?

The standard car (without turbocharging) can blast to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds while the more powerful Turbo Panamera will get you to the same speed in exactly 4 seconds flat. You can keep track of the stats via programmable in-car "chronometer" stopwatches that record your sessions - on street or track. The fierceness of the engine and the firmness of the Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control suspension system are also fully driver-adjustable - ready for "The Ring" or a gentle commute home from the office - at the touch of a switch.

The Panamera's power flows to the rear wheels (or all four, if you choose the optional AWD-equipped 4S model) via a seven-speed Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK) automatic transmission. Some may grumble about the lack of a third pedal and a clutch, but Porsche says the PDK automatic can outshift anyone whose last name isn't Schumacher - and is more precise and consistent besides.

The Panamera even has a green streak. Its engine will automatically turn itself off when the car comes to a stop at a traffic light or when you're stuck idling in traffic - and restart itself automatically when it's time to get moving again. Exactly like a current Prius or Insight hybrid - but a lot more fun when the light goes green. The Panamera goes on sale this spring.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

What is car ?

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Watch This

Watch This video And Give Your Comment

It's here, the new Helpers episode is online! – When a driver inflicts his cigarette smoke on his passengers, it's very unpleasant.But when the Helpers cross their path they're full of good ideas about how to clean the air

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2011 Toyota Sienna viewer

2011 Toyota Sienna

2011 Sienna completely redesigned this year, but still with the same body size as last year and can accommodate seven or eight passengers. AWD models are still available, but Toyota has introduced some new changes. A new 4-cylinder engine, lay seats available for the second row, split-screen entertainment system, rear and six-speed automatic transmission. There are five trim levels are available, LE and XLE come seven or eight passenger configurations, base and Limited, while only seven passengers. The TS is one of eight passengers. The following is a summary of all trim levels.

Basic models - including two rear sliding doors with power of Windows, has full power, 17-inch alloy wheels, telescopic steering wheel, cruise control, CD/MP3 stereo with four speakers and auxiliary audio jack triple zone A / C. New machine is a line of 2.7-liter four-cylinder produces 187hp and 186 foot-pounds of torque. According to their brochure online car mileage estimated 19mpg city and 26mpg highway. Standard safety features include stability control, anti-freeze green, ABS disc brakes, traction control, front seat side airbags, driver knee airbag, side curtain airbags and full length.
LE 4 Cylinder - adds heated mirrors, steering wheel audio controls, monitors, 3.5-inch glass, privacy, the driver's seat and eight-way manually. All standard safety features and driving the same specification.

LE V6 - add shear strength side door, automatic dimming mirrors, luggage rack, glasses second and third rows, Bluetooth, audio system with six speakers, satellite radio, USB port, jack and iPod holder front seat power lumbar. The engine is a 3.5-liter V6 that produces 265 horsepower. Distance of front wheel is rated at 18mpg city and 24mpg highway, while the AWD option is estimated 16mpg city and 22mpg highway. All safety features as standard.

SE - this adds a sports car a more aggressive style, with leather-wrapped steering wheel, fog lamps, larger air intake, the lower side of the body, 19-inch alloy wheels and color of the head and tail lights. The model is based on stereo stereo with six speakers. All standard safety features and specifications of the engine is equal to the V6. Not available with AWD.

XLE - The elevator door trim adds, sunroof, three-zone climate control, enter the gray metal grill, towing preparation package, leather interior, wood grain trim, heated front seats, driver seat and power. AWD versions are equipped with second-row seats with footrests show genre. Front and rear park assist are optional on this model. All motor safety features the same specifications and standards.
Limited - wool top line model has a power folding mirrors, dual sunroofs, 18-inch alloy wheels, two-tone leather interior, wood and leather steering wheel, satin chrome grille, keyless ignition, 10-speaker JBL stereo surround-entry, keyless, lived chair second row, power folding chairs to the park in front of and behind the third row of assistance, and memory settings for the driver's seat. Available in AWD all the standard safety features and details of the same V6 engine.

To cite available adaptive cruise control, rear DVD player, xenon lights, navigation system with backup camera, and rain sensing wipers.

2011 Toyota Sienna
2011 Toyota Sienna viewer.review2011 Toyota Sienna
2011 Toyota Sienna
2011 Toyota Sienna

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Jaguar XK8 and XKR Rear Suspension Issues

Jaguar XK8and XKR Rear
The XK8 Jaguar XKR and suspension systems used are generally very strong. General Assembly and the parties in the system have demonstrated the Jaguar X300, which is based on the system, the Jaguar XJ40 is more fundamental. However, the problem started at the XK8 XKR owners should be aware at this time. For now, the key issues associated with the Jaguar XK8 and XKR rear suspension mount:

CATS (Computer Active Technology Suspension) system

Although the old X300 rear design, new changes are a basic introduction to the cat. This will improve the comfort and handling of the car with springs and adaptive stiffness adjusted with electronic dampers under electronic surveillance increased. Sensors in the front and back of the car off the road and the conditions of handling and editing of electronic shock absorber to soften or stiffen the suspension. With the default boot stiffer springs, parameters, and then softened into smooth road. Parameters that are affected in the parameter, changing the micro-braking, cornering and road conditions the car.

XK8 problem XKR suspension /

If you have a machine does not work with cats and back effectively, problems with electrical connections utilizing a shock. Over time, the shock body could turn means that the electrical connections can be deleted. This could include the exchange of the game in shock.

As in other areas in the XK8 / XKR changes are not as easy as it seems in shock. At first, open the rear suspension and lowered several inches. A special spring compressor is needed to free the slim design of the damper spring. Spring compressed properly, the focus by the pin, who understood the situation. If this happens, a serious lack of space in the region and the bottom of the obstructive spring compressor, this will be cut by a small angle grinder

To remove the rear bumper, connecting rods must be removed with safety-plate frame. Remove the bolt connecting the damper spring

Jaguar XK8and XKR Rear
Jaguar XK8and XKR Rear

Jaguar XK8and XKR Rear

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