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2011 Reviewing the Chevy Maibu

2011 Reviewing the  Chevy MaibuReviewing the 2011 Chevy Maibu
Reviewing the 2011 Chevy Maibu, Things have gotten easier on GM-inclined, mid-sized family sedan buyers since the recent "retirement" of Pontiac and Saturn. Where once there were at least three separate GM models to look at, now there's just one - the Chevy Malibu. And the Malibu's only real competition - if you're looking to stay with a domestic-brand car - is the Ford Fusion. So, which to choose?


The Malibu is Chevy's value-priced, mid-sized family sedan. It starts at $21,975 for an LS with four-cylinder engine and runs to $27,015 with 3.6 liter V-6. Its main domestic-brand rival is the $19,695-$28,505 Ford Fusion, which leans a bit more toward the sporty side of the aisle - and also offers an available all-wheel-drive system, which the front-wheel-drive-only Malibu doesn't.


Big updates for 2011 include a standard six-speed automatic (with manual shift control feature) and updated OnStar with free (for six months) "turn-by-turn" navigation assistance.


Solid value; "American car" good looks. Comfortable, big car ride in a mid-sized package. Roomier interior than Fusion. 33 mpg on highway with Ecotec four-cylinder engine.


Not as sporty/fun to drive as the Fusion. No manual transmission option. No all-wheel-drive option. No available GPS.


The '11 Malibu is available with either a 2.4 liter "Ecotec" DOHC four-cylinder that produces 169 hp or (optionally) a 3.6 liter, 252 hp DOHC V-6. Both Malibu engines are paired with a six-speed automatic driving the front wheels.

EPA mileage figures for the '11 Malibu weren't yet published at the time of this review, but GM claims the Ecotec four, which features variable valve timing and electric-assist power steering, will deliver 22 mpg in city driving and 33 mpgs on the highway. Those numbers would make make the Malibu one of the most fuel-efficient mid-sized sedans on the market. As a comparison, the similar Ford Fusion sedan equipped with the 2.5 liter, 175 hp four-cylinder engine, achieves 29 mpg on the highway.

GM says the Malibu's optional 3.6 liter V-6 (which is basically a detuned version of the same unit found in the current Camaro as well as the Cadillac CTS) can achieve 17 mpg city and 26 mpg on the highway. This engine also features variable valve timing (but steering is assisted by a conventional engine-driven hydraulic pump). The four-cylinder Malibu takes about 9.5 seconds to go from zero to 60 mph. Equipped with the more powerful V-6, the Malibu's 0-60 time drops by nearly three full seconds to 6.5-6.7 seconds or so.


The Malibu has been an American family car favorite for decades, even as the underlying chassis has evolved from rear-wheel-drive ('70s and '80s) to the current front-wheel-drive layout.

While some things have changed, much remains familiar - most notably the Malibu's easygoing nature. Even the V-6 version, which is among the quicker cars in this segment, has a relaxed feel to it. Much more so than the Fusion, which has a firmer ride and feels like a smaller car, even though it's not.

One reason for this is the Malibu's relatively long wheelbase (112.3 inches), which is nearly as long as the Mercedes E-Class (113.1 inches) and significantly longer than the Ford Fusion's 107.4 inch wheelbase. But in terms of overall length, both cars are within about an inch of each other (191.8 inches for the Chevy vs. 190.6 for the Ford).

Big cars feel "big" - planted and solid - in part because they have longer wheelbases than stubbier cars. And this is one of the reasons why the Malibu has that appealing big car highway car ride esteemed by several generations of Malibu buyers. The other reason is suspension tuning that's more relaxed than many of the more sporty-oriented mid-sized sedans out there, including the Fusion. The Malibu's much closer in terms of its cushy ride quality to something like a Toyota Camry or the new Hyundai Sonata - but wrapped up in all-American sheetmetal.

If your main desire is the best family car in a domestic car, the Malibu is going to win your heart. If you want more Euro-sportiness (handling and ride-wise as well as appearance-wise) the Fusion will probably be more to your liking. Acceleration-wise, the four-cylinder version of the Malibu feels quicker than its 0-60 time sounds, in part because of the new six-speed automatic. There's less RPM drop between gear changes than there was with the old four speed automatic and the shifts themselves are snappy and well-timed. This new transmission also comes standard with GM's steering wheel-mounted TapShift manual shift controls. Tap the "+" button to go up, then "-" to drop down a gear.

With the V-6, a Malibu is about as quick as a early-mid '90s Mustang GT - which only had about 215 hp to work with from its much larger (and much less fuel-efficient) 5.0 liter V-8 engine. This is a measure of how far, power and performance-wise, we've come in the space of just ten or 15 years. Current mid-sized, V-6 powered family cars like the Malibu are quicker - and stronger - than the V-8 muscle cars of the not-so-long-ago past. That's pretty incredible!


The Malibu's look is red state conservative - and very American. It is a squared-off, masculine lug of a car. Many buyers want exactly that - and the Chevy delivers.

Inside, too. There's a modern-ish, pod-style gauge cluster, but overall the layout is as direct and simple as a John Wayne movie.

No surprises, no weirdness - just straightforward functionality. Large rotary dials to control the AC; big (and easy to understand) buttons for everything else. Front and rear seat head/legroom is slightly more generous than in the Fusion, too (by about half an inch, in most respects) although the Malibu's trunk is slightly smaller than Fusion's (15.1 cubic feet vs. 16.5 cubic feet).

The Malibu doesn't offer all-wheel-drive (the Fusion does) but Chevy does give buyers standard "turn-by-turn" navigation assistance through the OnStar communication system. This may be the better buy, relative to in-dash GPS systems - which not only tend to cost a small fortune ($1,500-$2,000 is typical) but which are also likely to be technologically out-of-date within a couple of years.

With turn-by turn, you simply call in for assistance with directions; an OnStar operator will guide you to your destination in real time. If you want "real" GPS, you can always buy a Garmin unit for about $400 - much less than the cost of a factory unit - and you can take it with you when you leave the car, too. Or use it another car.

Another nice little upgrade for 2011 is standard Sirius-XM satellite radio (with USB port for iPod/MP3 players) plus a power driver's seat with power lumbar adjustment. Bluetooth wireless, remote engine start and a high-end Bose premium stereo are among the luxury features you can add at extra cost.

2011 Reviewing the  Chevy Maibu


You won't find anything low-budget, let alone sub-par, in the Malibu. Most of the materials used are better than average - and nicer than the car's price range might lead you to expect. This is true across the line today; there are virtually no cars, at any price, that have that early '80s Blue Lite Special ambiance about them.

The Malibu's cabin may not be as Euro-modern as, say, a Mazda6 (or the new Hyundai Sonata) but it's very pleasant overall. The retro-themed (early '60s Corvette) dual cockpit shape is (again) very American and looks pretty sharp in the available two-tone color schemes Chevy offers. GM has upped the standard warranty to a very solid five years or 100,000 miles - although the basic warranty remains a little skimpy at three years or 36,000 miles.

The Fusion's standard warranty is also three years or 36,000 miles - but its powertrain warranty is just five years or 50,000 miles. (I'd be a little nervous about that, if I were looking at an AWD-equipped Fusion. GM's Stabilitrak traction/stability control system, ABS with Panic Brake Assist (primes the system for full power braking force when the system detects an imminent panic stop situation) and front seat side-impact air bags are standard on all Malibu trims. The OnStar system will also automatically summon EMS in the event of a crash.


This is an unpretentious, easy-to-like family car with no significant faults or weaknesses that pretty much sells itself.

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The company Volvo

Volvo sold

The company Volvo, which is currently looking for an investor, able to buy back a large share of the company, will be sold by the end of the year, said State Secretary of Swedish Ministry of Industry, Joeran Haegglund.

But still it remains unclear whether there is a chance at the Chinese companies that have actively participated in the takeover of Swedish companies, Volvo to acquire the property.

Haegglund said and that the Government is working closely with Ford, which is not readily willing to part with the brand name Volvo, unlike that made by General Motors, Saab.

Chinese carmakers, while the only person interested in acquiring the company Volvo, particularly the company Geely, which has been seen as the favorite in the race for the Swedish company. Recently, it was reported that Geely, seem to have made a preliminary proposal for the purchase, which included an amount of two billion dollars. In addition, Chinese carmakers have produced a development plan for the company, if Volvo agrees to the terms of the sale. The plan stated that China will cooperate closely with the engineers of Volvo, when implementing new projects.

But it seems Ford is not going to sell Volvo, and strongly wants to delay the process, at least until such time until GM finally sells Opel. The reason? The company then Ford will be able to offer one of the Volvo failed to buy Opel, thereby avoiding falling into the hands of Chinese investors.

Swedish automakers Volvo XC60 SUV

Volvo  XC60 R-Design
Swedish automakers Volvo XC60 SUV represents a special sports package options, R-Design.

As reported in the press-service company, is technically a special version of the base is more "severe" perenastroennoy steering and suspension. Outwardly the Volvo XC60 R-Design will be differentiated by their original decoration of bright polished metal on the grille, fog lamps, fringing and rear-view mirrors. In addition, the aggressiveness of the vehicle attached to the rear diffuser with integrated, as the two chrome exhaust pipe system, side step in the tone and the 18 - or 20-inch wheels on the customer's request, transmits

Inside, draw the attention of sports seats with lateral support, perforated aluminum pedals, leather trim steering wheel and handle the gate. The official premiere of Volvo XC60 R-Design will be held in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Chinese auto manufacturer Geely plans

Chinese auto manufacturer Geely plans to propose to concern Ford, the owner of brands Volvo, redeemed his Swedish company for two billion dollars. As reported by The Auto Channel, the official application is filed by the end of July.

According to some reports, the company Geely has already signed a preliminary agreement with Ford to acquire brand Volvo. It was expected that after the purchase of Scandinavian auto manufacturer in the Chinese city Duanguan new factory will be built Geely, which planned to build assembly crossovers XC90, are now produced in the United States. According to the Chinese, they want to buy a Volvo in order to increase the production and sale of automobiles in their country.

According to the sources of The Auto Channel, Geely has already been three years preparing a plan for the purchase of Volvo, but the leadership of Ford, it was originally configured with skepticism about a possible sale of the Swedish brand Chinese. Now, in Ford believe that Geely will be able to successfully manage and develop the company. Note that the official information on the negotiations and agreement with Geely Group in the U.S. has denied.

Spy photo of new Volvo S60

On the roads of England were seen new Swedish car Volvo S60.

The machine is equipped with an innovative system of preventing the accident Collision Warning, which automatically slows down the car quickly in case of dangerous situations on the road. The system works by using cameras installed in the body, said Also in the S60 a pedestrian recognition system, which will alert both the driver and pedestrian. New Volvo S60 has received an economical 1.6-liter turbocharged engine and transmission with double clutch. More information will be available closer to the formal entry of vehicles in 2010

2011 Toyota The new model Verso-S

2011 Toyota The new model Verso-S

The company "Toyota" back in the minivan segment in Europe with a new model - "Verso-S". The car will debut at the auto show in Paris on 30 September and will go on sale early next year. Reported "Automotive News Europe".

The new model the company's portfolio will take place "Yaris Verso", whose sales in Europe were suspended in 2006.In the "Toyota" noted that "Verso-S" will be compact, but roomy and comfortable car, with the overall length of less than 4 meters.New product will compete in Europe with "Opel" / "Vauxhall" Meriva, "Citroen" C3 Picasso, "Renault" Modus. Recall that in 2000 there were sold 34,449 "Yaris Verso". In general, in Europe sales of this model was 158 thousand units

Toyota; showed a new minivan for Europe

The company "Toyota" back in the minivan segment in Europe with a new model - "Verso-S". The car will debut at the auto show in Paris on 30 September and will go on sale early next year. Reported "Automotive News Europe".

The new model the company's portfolio will take place "Yaris Verso", whose sales in Europe were suspended in 2006. In the "Toyota" noted that "Verso-S" will be compact, but roomy and comfortable car, with the overall length of less than 4 meters. New product will compete in Europe with "Opel" / "Vauxhall" Meriva, "Citroen" C3 Picasso, "Renault" Modus.Recall that in 2000 there were sold 34,449 "Yaris Verso". In general, in Europe sales of this model was 158 thousand units

Toyota saves on fuel

Toyota saves on fuel

The engineers of the Japanese auto concern Toyota developed the world's most efficient hybrid car that consumes the entire liter of gasoline by 40 kilometers.

New established on the basis of the popular in Western Europe and Yaris models will go on sale in 2011. Buy a car can be over $ 15 thousand.

The company hopes that a car with a new gasoline-electric motor companies consolidate leadership in the market of hybrid cars

Loss Toyota Motor Corporation


Loss Toyota Motor Corporation from April to June amounted to nearly $ 1 billion, however, is less than expected in the company. In connection with the recovery in world markets is reviewing plans to produce upwards.

On Tuesday, the world's largest manufacturer of cars Toyota has reported concern about the loss in the first fiscal quarter (ended 30 June), and also introduced a new, more optimistic outlook on the financial performance for the year as a whole. From April to June automakers lost $ 819 million (77.8 billion yen). The most severe losses incurred due to low sales in Japan and the United States, the two main markets for it.

In the first half of the production of Toyota Corporation fell 40.6%. This is the most significant drop over the past 20 years.

Sales of automotive concern over the same period fell by 26% - to target 3.56 million cars. Nevertheless, this remains the highest in the world. The former leader General Motors took only second place - he sold about 11 thousand cars less.

The Company recognizes: to avoid losses this year will not be. Toyota expects that the annual loss (in the company's fiscal year ends in March 2010) will be $ 4.7 billion instead of previously announced $ 5.8 billion of losses associated with low demand in the automotive market, as well as the high yen. Because of «strong» yen automakers have to pay for more expensive components, ie production costs rising. Nevertheless, reports of recovery in most markets in Europe and the United States have allowed Toyota to reconsider plans to increase production. Previously, the company planned to produce 6.4 million cars (data from the National Association of Japanese automobile companies). Now it is the release of 6.6 million vehicles. For comparison, in 2008 the figure stood at 8.21 million vehicles. This increase in production planned to increase by increasing the sales budget hybrid Prius III. Sales of cars in Japan, despite the crisis that continues to grow. According to the automakers, the main reason for growth - a flexible system of discounts when purchasing a vehicle that provides the Japanese government.

Toyota begins selling the new FJ Cruiser

In early August, the Japanese company will start selling SUV Toyota FJ Cruiser 2010 model year.

From the car last year, the model car will be different not only a new color of the body, but also a few technical changes.
In Japanese Group announced that the Toyota FJ Cruiser 2010 model year, was upgraded 4 liter engine V6. Engineers managed to squeeze out of the engine further 19 units and now the engine gives out "on the Mountain" is not 239, and 258 hp How to say in the Toyota, an increase in power virtually no effect on fuel consumption cars. On average, "appetite" machines grew by less than 1 liter of fuel per 100 km.
Toyota FJ Cruiser 2010 model year, also received updated suspension, and a new color to paint the body called Army Green. The minimum value of the vehicle at the North American market will be $ 23 680

the concept Toyota FT-EV

Toyota iQ

The company intends to Toyota next year to start production in the serial version of the pilot electric FT-EV, based on the mikrolitrazhki iQ. According to the British publication Autocar, with reference to the statement by the chief designer of this model Hiroki Nakajima, novelty will be completely different from the normal iQ appearance, as well as a modernized interior, which the company agreed to be changed after negative feedback about the quality of the owners used to furnish materials.

Electric-based mikrolitrazhki iQ will be launched in the first mass production model of Toyota in lithium-ion batteries. New product will be driven by four electric motors located in the wheels and the battery will be able to travel about 150 kilometers. Fully charged batteries from ordinary home electrical outlet will take approximately eight hours. The total power of electric motors, as well as dynamic characteristics of the machine has not yet been clarified.

In addition, the company also plans to submit a Toyota model iQ range of special accessories to personalize a car, created by analogy with the ruler of labels proposed for the Fiat 500. According to preliminary information, these accessories will be available for the iQ to the mid-2011.

Note that the concept Toyota FT-EV was introduced this year at the Auto Show in Detroit, and his car battery to provide the range of 75 kilometers. Earlier, Japanese car manufacturer had planned to begin serial production of electric only by 2012.

New generation Toyota giant Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

More than a year, fans enjoy the new generation Toyota giant Land Cruiser. 200-I model has caused a great revival among the lovers of the brand.

Meanwhile, fans of a more compact version of Land Cruiser - Prado - remained dissatisfied. Their car is produced without major changes since 2002.

Now came their turn - new arrive on sale as early as next year. The appearance of the car, as is the case with 200-first model, to declassify the Arab fans of the brand. Photos of cars appeared on the eve of an Arab sites.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Unfortunately, the Internet only got photos of front and rear parts, so difficult to say whether the profile of the car.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

What engines will be installed on a new generation of automobiles, still unknown. According to rumors, in the beginning it will be old engines: gasoline 4.0-liter V6 power of 249 liters. with. and 3.0-liter turbo-diesel engine with 173 «horse».

The Japanese edition of Best Car

Toyota Prius 2012

The Japanese edition of Best Car, referring to own sources of Toyota Motor, said details of the back car, which could become the successor to Toyota MR-2, perhaps even getting the same name. A coupe, according to the edition, referring to its sources, based on the Toyota Prius. Platform popular hybrid shortened to 100 mm and the engine upgraded to better reflect the nature of sports. Its members must enter the same 1.8-liter gasoline engine 2ZR-FXE, but the total power of the hybrid installations to grow by 37 hp up to 136 hp
Passenger formula developed by the car - 2 +2, with three body will have little resemblance to the Prius. Argued, however, that many more similarities will be in the cabin, especially in the front part, said Fuel efficiency dropped slightly in comparison with the Prius, but the design of fuel consumption figures remain at 35 kilometers on 1 liter of fuel.

Officially, Toyota Motor does not endorse or disproves the conduct of the development of this car, but its appearance more than likely, if the anticipated debut of the main rival Honda CR-Z will be successful. At the market a new hybrid Toyota coupe will be released no earlier than 2012.

Toyota Motor and Nissan Motor recorded

Toyota and Nissan

Toyota Motor and Nissan Motor recorded in June, the maximum reduction in the volume of production among Japanese automakers in the decreasing sales due to rising unemployment.

Toyota, Japan's largest automakers, had decreased production of the 11 th consecutive month. The volume of production decreased by 24% compared to the same month last year.Nissan, the third-largest automakers country has produced 22% fewer vehicles than in June 2008. Production of Honda Motor, the second largest Japanese automakers, fell by 20%.

Japanese automakers in the past month have reduced production in North America to reduce inventories, as sales in the U.S. in the first half of 2009 decreased by 35%. Companies have also cut production in Japan, despite the launch of the Government program of tax incentives to stimulate sales of baby car, including the new hybrid models of Toyota and Honda.

"At the global level, the sale of the vehicle, apparently reached the lower limit and begin to recover, but recovery will be slow - believes manager Intelligence Automotive Asia Ashvin Chotai. - In the medium term, sales in the United States did not reach the level of 2005 and 2006. It also is difficult to expect a substantial recovery sales in Japan. "

Intelligence Automotive predicts decline in sales in the United States to about 9.8 million vehicles in the 200 - year to 13.2 million vehicles a year earlier, and then - rising to 10.8 million vehicles in 2010.

Japan's automakers association expects that the outcome of the current fiscal year, sales in the domestic market will be the lowest in three decades. Wide sales are projected association will drop in the fiscal year ended at March 2010, compared to the previous year at 8.5% - up to 4.3 million vehicles. The peak value of sales was recorded in 1990 - 7.78 million vehicles.

Toyota Motor has distributed an update

At the time of entering the market, the cost of such a car would be a record low, despite the newness of technology.

Toyota Motor has distributed an update on the development of own cars on fuel cells or hydrogen-mobilized. The company expects that their value at the time of entering the market will be «shocking low». Will take into account the experience of hybrids, which were initially very expensive, that do not attract more buyers. Hybrids more expensive than gasoline counterparts, and now, but their popularity is growing all the same. Even more successful Toyota intends to achieve by submitting hydrogen-mobilized (or several models), who accessibility could compete with gasoline, while possessing a number of significant advantages, especially in terms of efficiency and environmental friendliness.
Toyota is pleased with the progress which has already been achieved and the level of developed technologies. In 2015, hydrogen-mobilized come on the market, allegedly, regardless of whether sufficient infrastructure for maintenance and refueling or not. At this time, Japanese automakers are concerned, how consumers will view a new type of car. A kind of marketing should be the prototype Plug-In hybrids, including a special version of Prius.
Serial hydrogen-mobilized Toyota will be developed based on technologies that continue to improve on the prototype FCHV. It was built on the base model Toyota Highlander / Kluger, but this does not mean the company stresses that the first production fuel cell car will be exactly Highlander. Most likely it will be much more compact model.
It should be noted that only Japanese hydrogen-mobilized in the market, is the Honda FCX Clarity, available in Japan and the United States in a kind of rent-lease. Buy a model could be, and his rent, for example, in California, the U.S. will cost $ 600 a month.

automotive company Toyota Motor Corp

Toyota Prius 2007

Global production at factories in the world's largest automotive company Toyota Motor Corp. in May 2009 decreased by 38.8 percent compared to the situation a year ago. The volume of production it falls now in its tenth month in succession, said the report was circulated today, the corporation.

In May, sales at avtogiganta fell worldwide by 28 percent, and within Japan itself - only for 23,1 percent. This is due to strong demand in the country for a new model of hybrid gasoline-electric vehicle Prius. Only one month it was 180 thousand jobs.

The report notes that, in a generally unfavorable market conditions have some signs of improvement in the market. Within Japan it is connected, in particular, with the subsidies that the government started to issue citizens buying cars with high fuel economy type Prius

hybrid version of Supra

Toyota Supra white

Certainly one of the most popular models ever developed by a Japanese car, a Toyota Supra. But, despite the fact that officially Supra ceased production in 2002, it enjoyed great popularity until now.

In turn, the Toyota will never forget the loved many sports car and going into next year to release a hybrid version of Supra and sell it as model 2011.

It is clear that this is still rumor and no technical details about the new items yet. However, as it became known portal 4, Toyota Supra will be based on a hybrid FT-HS Sports, which was first shown in 2007, the engine for the model can be derived from the Lexus 450h, and it is 3.5 liters. V-6 and is connected to a hybrid system, Toyota Crown, so that power can achieve Toyota Supra 400 HP

However, the sports car will not be «fully green», because Toyota is planning to create more sporting version of Supra, which is possible without the cost of hybrid systems. There is information that a prototype of a future business model will be shown in this year's motor show in Tokyo.

Hybrid FT-HS Sports was originally created as a separate model, and was to appear this year, but «thanks» economic situation, Toyota has decided to curtail the project until better times.

All fans are, a sort of anticipation, or at least hint from Toyota, that really is scheduled to release of a new Supra.

Toyota Supra white

New Toyota Mark X in October

Toyota Mark X black

New Toyota Mark X in October

In October at the Tokyo MOTORSHOW expected to premiere a new generation Sedan Toyota Mark X.

Previously, went the rumors that Mark X may get turbocharged engine, but the Japanese magazine Holiday Auto refuted this information. According to recent data, sedan will be equipped with 2,5 - and 3,5-liter engine V6 (3,5-liter engine will replace the current 3.0-liter engine). Exterior design will be less aggressive, and the interior - more comfortable, high-tech and luxurious.

The new Mark X will be built on the platform of the current generation to produce a rear wheel drive versions, and Full power version. Expected that the sedan will be the global market, that is, its implementation will take place in many countries, not only in Japan and China.

Toyota Mark X

Toyota recall 1348 vehicles

Toyota logo
Company Toyota recall 1348 vehicles to fix an error in labeling. Under the recall of fall 2010 model year Tundra, Yaris 2009 model year, Tacoma, Sienna, RAV4, Highlander and the Scion xB and TC 2009 model year.

According to the NHTSA, an incorrect marking load carrying capacity can lead to overloading the vehicle and increase the risk of accident, writes Japancar. Each car will receive a special sticker with the correct data.

On some machines (there are less than 50), correct markings can not be, because after the installation of additional equipment the weight of the car changed. Service campaign starts in late June.

Toyota announced that Highlander SUV in 2009

The company Toyota announced that Highlander SUV in 2009 will be equipped with a completely new 2.7 - liter engine, which at high productivity should be increased cost will be different. Since its official launch in the sale, scheduled for early next year, the new power unit Highlander promises to be one of the best in the class of off-roadsters.

The new engine will produce 187 horsepower at 5 800 rpm and 242 Nm torque at 4 100 rpm when using conventional 87 - octane gasoline. Optimized torque and increased productivity are achieved by the introduction of a dual exhaust system of highways. In addition, the new engine differs Highlander extremely low level of harmful emissions and is ready posorevnovatsya in this area with the leaders of medium sector off-roadsters. More detailed data on its environmental performance will be announced after the official launch.

Complementing the new engine will be the newest intellectual six-speed automatic transmission with electronically controlled ECT-i. The new transmissions will ensure smooth and extremely rapid acceleration, which is not peculiar vehicles with such engines.

Sacral Toyota Supra returned

Sacral Toyota Supra returned. This year will have a premiere of a new double sports model, with immediately in two versions - coupe and roadster. The Japanese company Top Secret Performance Engineering decided to revive the legendary car. The new Supra will become a serious competitor and Nissan 350Z, and Skyline GT-R.

Zadneprivodny apparatus will be equipped with the latest 450 - powerful V8 petrol with torque 570 Nm, available as early as 2000 rpm. As a competitor speak, of course, Nissan 350Z - cars are very close on ideology. Both zadneprivodnye, both are compact enough, both presented in two versions, and the main body - the price would be too roughly in one band.

Only a new Supra in topmark version is superior to Nissan 350Z at 170 hp More than "budget" version will be equipped with a 3.5 - liter V6, familiar North American consumers on the model of Lexus IS. By design promising new competitors not relinquish. On the contrary, in a Supra highlight - she has acquired impressive appearance. At the same time, when you first look at the car as soon becomes clear, from where he hails.

South African subsidiary of motor company Toyota

As from next year, the South African subsidiary of motor company Toyota is expected to export its locally produced Toyota Corollas from Durban to Europe - a move set to boost the economy of KwaZulu-Natal.

The decision was taken following a meeting on Wednesday in Tokyo, Japan between the provincial government and Toyota representatives.

At the meeting with KwaZulu-Natal Premier Sbu Ndebele, the vice chairperson of Toyota Motor Corporation, Katsuhiro Nakagawa said Toyota South Africa would produce Corollas specifically to be exported to Europe.

Mr Nakagawa announced that about 50 engineers had already been sent to South Africa to help with the manufacturing of the vehicles.

"Toyota is determined to produce more vehicles in South Africa which can be exported to other countries.

"The exporting of vehicles from South Africa to other countries is very important for South Africa's economy. The automotive industry is also important for the development of South Africa," he said.

He said they also wanted an increased presence in Japanese automotive parts suppliers in South Africa as the country was considered to be the gateway to the rest of Africa.

"We want to make our South African plant more competitive compared to Toyota plants in other countries," he said.

In a bid to ensure the competitiveness of their South African plant, he acknowledged that the training of workers would be important to achieve this.

"If we skill more workers, more automotive parts supplier companies will come to South Africa".

He explained that they planned to establish a Toyota Training School in South Africa, which would benefit the company's employees and create a much needed skills base for growth.

"We want to listen to the voice of the workers to be able to produce more vehicles, more efficiently and effectively. Training, development and education of our workforce must be intensified," said Mr Nakagawa.

The production of the latest model of the Toyota Corolla in South Africa is currently proceeding well and will be launched in August this year.

"However, we are trying hard to introduce new models of Toyota to be produced is South Africa as well," he said.

Premier Ndebele appreciated the confidence shown by the company to South Africa, particularly KwaZulu-Natal.

"We appreciate the new investment of more than R4 billion at the plant at Prospecton in Durban. However, we would like to see Toyota producing other automotive components in KwaZulu-Natal as well," he said.

Mr Ndebele said they would welcome the development of an Automotive Supplier Park in the province.

He said it was important to accelerate training of the current and future workforce.

"Continuous training is very important. We have to train all the time. For the market in South Africa, the market in Africa and the market elsewhere, training is important," he said.

Panasonic Toyota Racing

Panasonic Toyota Racing today completed its week's testing with a solid day of running at Belgium's Spa-Francorchamps. Following yesterday's rain-afflicted test at the same circuit, the track was again wet for the start of the day's action. There was no rain in the morning but the skies were grey and the tarmac took a long time to dry out.

The changing track surface made comparisons difficult but Jarno did some running to test tyres in different conditions. When the track dried out in the sun after lunch he successfully completed a programme that included set-up for the Belgian Grand Prix along with suspension, aerodynamics work and starts.

Toyota's next racing appointment is the European Grand Prix next week at the Nurburgring, the closest circuit to the team's Cologne factory.

Jarno Trulli:

"It's nice to come back here to Spa because it's the best track in the world. The organisers have done major work in the paddock and the results look good. The circuit has also been resurfaced and there have been changes to the Bus Stop which have improved the corner. The pit entry and the pit exit are a bit narrow but overall I like what has been done. Of course you never know what weather you'll get here and it's always difficult to test in conditions like we saw today."

"We went out for a few runs on the damp track in the morning but the racing line soon became inconsistent. It was dry in the corners but wet on the straights so that meant it was difficult to carry out much useful comparative work. The track was dry in the afternoon so we were able to run through our programme. We haven't concentrated on lap times but the car felt good. So it's been a positive day and I look forward to coming back for the race."

Pascal Vasselon, Senior General Manager Chassis:

"Spa is a unique track so the testing we have done this week has been focused firmly on the race here in September. The unsettled weather has been representative of the range of conditions that we could face during the race weekend itself. So we have been very careful to collect data in every single type of weather that we have seen in the last three days."

"We have also had a wide range of developments to test on the car from suspension to new aero parts. Overall everything has gone well and Jarno and Ralf felt comfortable and quick in the car so they should be well prepared for the Belgian Grand Prix."

Jarno Trulli
Chassis: TF107/03
Best lap time: 1m 48.491s
Total laps: 76
Total distance: 532.3km

Toyota Claims All Cars Will Be Hybrids

Jim Press, the President of Toyota North America, came out with a very bold statement recently, saying that "eventually, everything will be a hybrid." What's more, he's so confident in Toyota's ability and so proud of their product line that he's comparing the "ground-breaking" Toyota Prius hybrid with the Ford Model T.

As I'm sure you already know, the Ford Model T is often lauded as the first of its kind, a car that became widely available to the masses. It was revolutionary for its time and it has shaped the automotive industry into what it is today. Toyota, or rather, Jim Press is saying that the Prius is equally revolutionary.

Although I agree that we will be seeing more hybrids in the coming years, I don't believe that everything will be a hybrid. Personally, I think that our reliance on fossil fuels will have to dry up at some point, forcing us to drive cars that don't need any sort of conventional gasoline whatsoever.

Toyota Motor Corp., the world's second-largest automaker

July 10 (Bloomberg) -- Toyota Motor Corp., the world's second-largest automaker, needs discounts on the Tundra truck to reach the goal of doubling its U.S. share for large pickups, the company's North American president said.

``Incentives for us are not strategic, they are tactical,'' Jim Press of Toyota Motor North America said in an interview in New York today. ``In the dealer-transaction price game, where the competitors really set the stage with their incentive activity, it drives us to the point where we recognize that incentives are part of this market.''

Toyota in June began discounts of as much as $3,500 on the 2007 Tundra, four months after the truck's release. The pickup's list prices range from $22,290 to $41,850. estimates the average Tundra incentive was $5,083 last month, more than on General Motors Corp. or Ford Motor Co. large pickups.

The revamped Tundra, built in San Antonio, is bigger and more powerful than its predecessor and for the first time puts Toyota in direct competition with Ford's F-Series and GM's Chevrolet Silverado trucks. Tundra U.S. sales rose 44 percent to 82,840 in this year's first half, as the industrywide total for large pickups fell 3.1 percent.

The size of incentives on the Tundra is unusual for any new Toyota product, said John Casesa, managing partner of Casesa Strategic Advisors LLC in New York.

`Fighting Back Ferociously'

``To some extent they are really struggling with Tundra, and domestic companies are fighting back ferociously,'' Casesa said.

The average Tundra transaction price, or what customers actually pay including incentives, was $33,605 in June, according to The average was $29,657 for Ford's F-150s and $29,151 for GM's Silverado 1500s, the Santa Monica, California- based company said.

Gasoline prices that have stayed near $3 a gallon this year have slowed sales of the trucks, yet consumer demand for pickups won't fade in the long term, Press said.

``Fuel prices will not substantially change the dynamics and the size of the market, but they will require product attributes that respond more to the environment of higher gas prices or greenhouse-gas concerns or environmental needs,'' he said.

Toyota is selling ``about double the volume of the last- generation Tundra in terms of where we were last year, in a segment that's down,'' Press said. ``We're right on our target.''

The company needs to offer a competitive large truck to keep its U.S. buyers from shifting to other automakers, he said. ``Long term, it's a segment we really need to be in to continue to grow with our customers as they come into our product line.''

GM is the world's largest automaker by annual sales volume. Toyota beat GM by that measure in this year's first quarter.

The Toyota City, Japan-based company's American depositary receipts fell $1.22 to $125.71 at 4:01 p.m. in New York Stock Exchange composite trading. They have declined 6.4 percent this year

Toyota has dealt Saatchi & Saatchi a hammerblow

Toyota has dealt Saatchi & Saatchi a hammerblow by moving the lion's share of its £50m UK advertising business into CHI & Partners.

The Japanese car marque is Saatchi's second-biggest global account behind Procter & Gamble, spending $2.5bn (£1.75bn) a year, and the UK is its biggest single European market.

It is thought that CHI, which sold a 49.9% stake in the agency to WPP earlier this year (MW April 19), will be handed the majority of the UK business in the coming weeks after a pitch against incumbent Saatchi London.

CHI has been making inroads into the Toyota account since 2004, when it was appointed to handle the launch of the Aygo model across Europe. The agency has since won pan-European briefs for the Corolla and the Yaris and handles Toyota's luxury brand Lexus across Europe. However, the only UK-specific project it had won until now was Toyota¹s tactical advertising business at the start of last year.

The news comes as Saatchi struggles to find a UK chief executive to replace Lee Daley, who left to join Manchester United as commercial director in March. Sources claim Saatchi's EMEA, Asia and Latin America chief executive Jim O'Mahony, who has been leading the search for Daley¹s replacement, could now be handed responsibility for the UK agency on top of his other duties.

Toyota's decision to move the majority of the UK account out of Saatchi follows several changes to the company's senior team in the last year.

Its former European marketing director Jon Williams moved to Toyota GB as commercial director earlier this year (MW January 18) to replace Paul Philpott, who left to join Kia UK as managing director. Toyota GB's long-serving managing director Graham Smith left to take a new role with Toyota Europe last year (MW May 11, 2006).

A source close to WPP says that the company's chief executive Sir Martin Sorrell has been tracking the Toyota business for a number of years and that CHI¹s presence on its roster was a primary reason he bought the stake in the agency.

However, industry experts suggest that the Toyota news will not sit well with the Japanese marque's rival Ford, one of WPP's biggest clients.

Publicis-owned ZenithOptimedia handles Toyota's media planning and buying.

It is not clear if the CHI appointment will affect that relationship.

CHI founding partner Johnny Hornby denies the agency has won the UK account and plays down suggestions it will take a more prominent role in Europe and possibly in the US. He says: "As we understand it, it's business as usual in the UK and we haven't won the business in Europe or America, as much as we¹d love to one day." Toyota GB marketing director Mark Hall adds: "As of today, we are still working with both Saatchi & Saatchi and CHI. For the next few months, there will not be any tangible change. Beyond that, we'll see." Saatchi was unavailable for comment as Marketing Week went to press.

2010 new generation of Subaru Legacy

new generation of Subaru Legacynew generation of Subaru Legacy, The crisis of the crisis, but he was unable to force motorists to abandon the purchase of new medium models of Subaru, which is confirmed by recent reports the company.

Handbook of Japanese group announced official sales figures of new-generation Legacy for the first month of sales of cars in the local market. During the period from 20 May to 21 June, the company managed to implement the 7018 copies of Subaru Legacy, while in the Group expected to sell during this period of about 3 thousand units of Legacy.

It should be noted that a new generation of Subaru Legacy, many experts have criticized the design for the exterior, even before the official debut of the car, but not, apparently, the buyers received the Legacy model is clearly to his liking, writes 4wheelsnews.

The company, however, did not specify the percentage of sales sedans, versatile and "autbekov. However, knowing about the special love to the consumer model Outback, it can be assumed that she was the sales leader in the Family Legacy.

Price Subaru Legacy 2010

Price Subaru Legacy 2010Price Subaru Legacy 2010: The company reported a Subaru Legacy 2010 new data, which, in spite of the large dimensions, as compared to the previous version, has a flow rate of gasoline, when combined cycle, at 9.0 liters. 100 km. and 7.6 liters. 100 km. on the highway. This puts the Subaru Legacy in one of the Honda Accord, Mazda 6i, Volkswagen Passat and Hyundai Sonata.

"We are proud that the new Subaru Legacy is not only more space, but at a very competitive cost of providing significant fuel economy" - said vice-president of Subaru.

Below is a fuel for some models:

* Legacy 2.5i 6MT 12.6 city / 10.9 Combined / 8.9 highway
* Legacy 2.5i CVT 10.4 / 9.2 / 7.7
* Legacy 2.5 GT 6MT 13.3 / 11.4 / 9.6
* Legacy 3.6 R 5AT 13.3 / 11.4 / 9.6

In addition, the Subaru Legacy received improved engine. For example, 2.5 liters. SOHC, based on the old 2.0 liter. version.

Price Subaru Legacy 2010 starts with 19 995 dollars, which is 800 dollars less than the previous generation. For the elite versions of Legacy, which is 3.6R Premium and 3.6R Limited price starts from U.S. $ 25 995 and 27 995 dollars, respectively. Course will be offered and the different packages of options and additions.

Subaru the automobile division of Fuji Heavy Industries

Subaru is the automobile division of Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI), manufacturer of a broad and diverse equipment. FHI develops and provides a range of innovative industrial products in their offices, such as automotive, aerospace, bus manufacturing division and the manufacture of engineering designs for buildings, a unit of industrial production and division of transportation and environmental systems. At the core of all projects of any of the units are the most advanced and proven technology, which determines the future.

The purpose of FHI: establish and develop the most advanced technology and brand to be present in the global marketplace in the XXI century as the leading party. In order to build the future of all people and the planet, FHI creates products full of individuality and will always be a pioneer in all areas, never changing their traditions.

The company has its own method of birth of new technologies - by cross-sharing of experiences within their units and, thanks to freedom, flexibility and enthusiasm neugasayuschego. Company FHI - the successor company Nakajima Aircraft, which was originally founded as the aircraft research laboratory. The laboratory was founded in 1917 Tikuheem Nakajima (1884-1949 years) in Gumma Prefecture (Gunma Prefecture; approximately 70 km north of Tokyo) and is now the main location of modern production base of Subaru.

Tihuey was the eldest son of the family farmer, Gumma Prefecture. In the 19 years he entered the Naval Academy, where it caught the news about the first successful flight, carried out in the United States brothers Wright (Wright Brothers). It is the dream of passion and romance of the sky, wanted to participate in the process of building aircraft for the Japanese armed forces, but instead of studying the development and manufacture of aircraft, he left the army, and organized an aviation research lab.

Soon, the laboratory became known as Nakajima Aircraft Co. This renaming emphasizes the fact that the company has reached one level with the leading manufacturers of aircraft in Japan. But by the end of the Second World War in 1945, production of aircraft has been stopped.

The new company was able to start already with a different name - Fuji Sangyo Co., And the first thing had to start, a thorough search for other users of high technology used in the aviation industry.

We had to make efforts for the development of motor scooters and bus bodies, but with this and began to flourish and to transform the company into a full-fledged automobile manufacturer.

In February 1954, FHI announced its own prototype car, called the P-1, obtained in the following year the name of Subaru 1500.

This car has shown excellent driving quality and stability of manageability through its independent suspension front wheels using the arched transverse beams in combination with a cylindrical spring and oleo double action, and the dependent suspension rear axle in combination trehlistovoy spring and oleo dual action. However, sales were postponed because of difficulties finding financing for the plant equipment and organization of the network to sell cars.

Nevertheless, this car has great significance in the further development of models of Subaru 360 and Subaru 1000.

When all the manufacturers have focused on the rear-wheel drive, Subaru thought a little differently, and to market the first Japanese car with front drive, 1000 model Subaru.

Subaru 360

Subaru 1000

Subaru Leone was born in June 1971, and followed by, in September 1972, a full power version - Subaru Leone 4WD Station Wagon. Until that point, fans of the whole drive would be limited to choosing only the large off-road vehicle. Subaru also broken this stereotype, presenting a massive wheel model of the normal car.

Subaru Leon

When the car was first introduced in the market, its potential is mainly proposed to consider only a special application, for example, commercial use, or in snow-covered mountainous terrain. However, the car and appreciated at home and on the American markets for its originality.

Subaru Leon 2

Car steadily expanded its range of fans thanks to rapid growth in popularity of open sports such as skiing and fishing. The growing popularity as a snowball, and, plus, the original system full of drive Subaru (4WD) vehicle allowed to rise to the most top and become the most sold in-wheel cars.

In October 1983, was the debut odnoobemnogo minibus Subaru Domingo. This car allows us not only to accommodate seven passengers, with a compact body, but in different ways to transform the landing place by means of rotating and recline chairs, first developed in Japan.

ars Subaru, who took part in the world rally championship (WRC), including a victory over the 3 years in a row in 1995, 1996 and 1997 Cup of designers (Manufacturers' championship), taking place in this championship. World Rally Championship - this car competition, in which cars are in its commercial version, are competing with each other throughout the world on the roads with different surface, including asphalt, gravel and snow with ice.

Subaru has decided to participate in this competition because it wanted to demonstrate the high potential that lies in a car that was built in the concept of «active driving, active safety» ( «Active Driving, Active Safety»). And most importantly - participation in the competition in this class to collect and analyze valuable data about the behavior of the car in difficult conditions and then use the results in the creation of vehicles for mass production.

To date, being the first of the Japanese car manufacturers, who three years in a row, managed to win first place in the Constructors Cup, Subaru will remain the most vigorous part in the world championship rally in order to further develop and improve their vehicles.

1990 was the year of the first full-fledged participation in the Subaru world rally championship, and the first stage was the most difficult - 38-s Safari Rally. At this stage, Subaru introduced the five cars Legacy, produced by Group A, and one vehicle Legacy, prepared by the Group N.

At the start of the rally were 59 participants. But only 10 of them were able to overcome these severe, does not forgive mistakes and the road conditions to reach the cherished goal in Nairobi. Despite the fact that the Legacy had participated in the rally first, pilot Jim Heazer-HAYES (Jim Heather-Hayez) and navigator Anton Levitan (Anton Levitan) overall were in sixth place, while Patrick Niru (Patrick Njiru) and David Williamson ( David Williamson) took, overall, the eighth (the first in a personal), finished first in the history of the rally car Group N.

Prior to that time in this race safari severe conditions and the fact that the design of the Group N cars are not allowed to make any major changes - not to allow these cars to reach the finish. In addition, 1990 was, in the history of racing Safari Rally, one of the most difficult of conditions of competition. But, in spite of everything, for the first time in the history of the Group N rally car crossed the finish tape.

Eight times in a row Subaru repeat this extraordinary victory in the Group N on the Safari Rally. Full participation in the events of Subaru World Rally Championship started with 38 first Safari Rally in 1990. In 1995, Subaru won a landslide victory in five of the eight stages of the championship, thus becoming the champion in the Subaru Cup car designers. Subaru has won the title twice more over the next two years and now has an unprecedented three world rally victory in 1995 and 1997. First time in the history of Japanese car manufacturer has been able to achieve such results.

Subaru debuted the world rally championship as a full participant at the time Safari Rally. Subaru Legacy won this stage in Group N, finished eighth overall. It was written in history: the first time Safari Rally was covered car Group N, which was minimally different from the usual mass of car, off the conveyor. Subaru has taken part in 7 of the 12 stages of the championship this year, the highest position was 4 th, won in the 1000 Lakes Rally and Rally Australia.

In 1993, Subaru is celebrating its first victory on the stage of world championship rally - Rally New Zealand. It was the last rally, in which the model is Legacy, and it was exciting for the entertainment first victory MakReya Colin (Colin McRae), who just turned 25 years old. At the same time, the rally debut a new model - Impreza, stage - Rally 1000 Lakes. The result - second place.

1994. Athlete Saynts Carlos (Carlos Sainz) took place the pilot at the wheel Impreza, which is now fully participating in the championship. He won stages: Akropolis (Greece), New Zealand and the RAC Rally (RAC rally), became a formidable figure among the champions and the team member. In this year's Subaru team became number 2.

In 1995, Subaru has won five of the eight stages of the World Cup and became world champion in the individual championship, and in the Cup designers. It was a time when the Impreza was the first and only on the world pedestal.In 1996, Subaru won three of the nine stages of the tournament, and this allowed the designers to win the Cup for the second time in succession.

After a fantastic start in 1997, won first place in stages in Monte Carlo, Sweden and the Safari Rally, Subaru has continued to grab first place on the stages of the Tour de Korsa, New Zealand, San Remo (Italy), Australia and the RAC Rally, and making This was the first Japanese manufacturer, which is three years in a row to become the champion in the Cup of designers in the world championship rally.And in 2001, the Impreza received a prestigious award «Automobile of the Year» in Japan.

Skoda Fabia Scout universal four engines

Skoda Fabia Scout

Trying to satisfy the most compact car market, Skoda starts to repeat. In fact, production of a new universal Fabia Scout is no justification, it would be enough Fabia Combi, because the difference between them is minimal. The first thing you will notice - plastic edging the bottom of the car and painted «aluminum» bottom of the rear bumper.

Do not expect that the Skoda Fabia Scout system was full of drive, so, despite the similarity in the processing of car [Audi] Allroad, Czech novelty only for urban roads. Another «difference» of conventional universal steel 16-inch wheels, Arktos, created specifically for this model. If you prefer, you can even install the 17-inch wheels. Interior Skoda Fabia Scout also does not offer anything original, to distinguish him from another salon Fabia can be embroidered logos Scout and steel pedals with rubber pads anti.

Skoda Fabia Scout

The new Skoda Fabia Scout universal four engines are available - two petrol and two diesel. 1.4 liter gasoline unit with a capacity of 86 hp on average spends 6.5 litres/100 km, and 1.6 liter (105 hp) - 6,9 l/100 km. The most economical are still diesel units: 1.4 liters (80 hp) consumes an average of 4.6 litres/100 km, and 1.9 liter (105 hp) - 4,9 l/100 km. Both diesel engine can be equipped with micro-filter.

Skoda Superb will be touring the body

Photographers and film-spies to test almost ready for serial production prototype Skoda Superb in the body estate. Novelty called Superb Kombi debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, while sales in Europe will be in the first months of 2010. From "Parental Concern Volkswagen station wagon receive the broad range of engines including 1.4-liter TSI in versions from 125 to 170 hp and a number of turbo-diesel engines, developing from 105 to 170 hp They will be equipped with five-or six-speed transmission.

updated sedan Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia
Remember the bright yellow "charged" hatchback Seat Leon Cupra? Causing appearance, fine motor, hazard controllability, tenacious brakes - this drayversky car, which was supposed to stay in our garage until the end of September. But, apparently, not destiny. "Cuprite" in urgent need of representation. And for good ...

"Seatovskoe" place in the garage it was decided to take a more practical car, which is not such a manic passion devours gasoline, in whose cabin noise is not as if the factory forgot to install noise insulation, and where you do not feel every pavement cracks. On the replacement of "Cupra" came the updated sedan Skoda Octavia, which is produced in the company of the group Volkswagen in Kaluga.

So, we received the "Octavia" light beige, with a 1.4-liter turbocharged engine capacity of 122 horse power and six-speed manual gearbox. Complete set - basic. It includes air conditioning, MP3-sound, light and rain sensors, on-board computer, electric mirrors with heating, as well as electric front-glass-lifts.

Skoda Octavia

In our machine added options like rear parktronika, stabilization system, fog lamps, lit turns, front armrest, tire pressure sensor, 16-inch rims, and so on. At the base of this machine is 695 thousand rubles, and any "????????" increased the price of the Octavia at almost 100 thousand rubles.

First impressions? Silence. At idle the engine in the passenger does not hear in the first few minutes of acquaintance, after setting up the mirrors and seat, the hand is drawn to key in the ignition to start the motor again. Stopped the tachometer needle that are suspended just below a thousand revolutions per minute, indicating that the engine does work.

But if the "static" in the cabin is quiet, then disperse from under the bonnet is distributed growl, as if there is not a normal engine with the "average" 122 force, but something much more "evil". In addition to that on rough asphalt begin to plague too loud tires, even though it is, in principle, the only extraneous noise penetrating into the car. And the creaking of any irregularities on the back of the right stanchion padding begins frankly annoying ...

Skoda Octavia

But this pain in the neck "cricket" the only thing that I do not like in the cabin "Octavio". Otherwise, the procedure is complete: perfect ergonomics, space, as if this is not a golf class at all, a nice soft plastic center console, good visibility. Comfortable, quiet, but dullish ... No designer sophistications.

After some time, drew attention to the fact that the Tape recorders, even though the "basic" car, a very good sound, but when switching to the next station or the track on the disk volume is slightly priglushaetsya.

Skoda Octavia

Exterior updated Skoda Octavia in comparison with the predecessor has changed too much: There are new headlights head light with "inlaid" model, other bumpers and fenders, as well as a slightly modified rear lights, in which the central strip has become transparent and not red, as earlier. That's all. Changes little, so far to distinguish the updated version of the previous car is quite difficult.

As the car behaves on the road and how to communicate with him every day, we will soon explain. "Octavia" is in our garage a month. Time to get enough.

On startup Skoda Yeti into production

Skoda Yeti
The company Skoda, which was not so long ago, reported the launch of a new production of SUV Yeti, on this occasion said that the car will be collected on a CKD plant in Aurangabad. Skoda Yeti in Europe will be on sale in September this year, while sales in India scheduled from January 2010, after the auto show in New Delhi.

«On startup Skoda Yeti into production, we will announce later this year, after a feasibility study on the feasibility of manufacturing and assembly of SUV in India» - said the head of department of the company Skoda.

India - a developing market in the first half of the year, Skoda sold there for more than 6 500 vehicles and is expected cho, this figure will only grow. At present, India has already produced Octavia, Superb and Laura. In addition hatchback Fabia, also produced in India in Chakan, only at the factory Volkswagen.

«The Indian market is very attractive for Skoda, and we will only increase the number of its missions in that country. By 2010, their number should amount to 75 instead of 61 »- said the company Skoda.

In all, Skoda Yeti is proposed with five engine options, two petrol and three diesel issuing of 103 hp up to 167 hp (77 ... 125 kW). 1.2-liter TSI with front-wheel drive - the smallest unit dippazona proposed. The peak, which is a Full-power 2.0-liter TDI CR DPF, power, right, 167 «horses».

sports car WRX STI 2011 model year

Subaru WRX STI 2011

At the Moscow Motor Company Subaru for the first time in Europe showed the four-wheel drive sports car WRX STI 2011 model year.

In the range of added 4-door model that has received a completely redesigned sporty design of the front end - in particular, a new grille and bumper. As a factory option there is an increased rear spoiler, designed exclusively for 4-door model. The rear combination lamps corresponding increase in the extended rear wings with the outer plastic. The form of the diffuser, embedded in the bottom of the rear bumper, muffler frames (received two new original mufflers with larger pipes up to 80 millimeters). The standard equipment also installed 18-inch lightweight wheels. As an option, set forged BBS wheels brand black mirror color. In addition, in order to improve the aerodynamic characteristics of a car designed a special protective housing bottom.

For the body is invited to choose from eight colors of paint: Obsidian Black Pearl, Spark Sliver Metallic, Lightning Red, Dark Gray Metallic, WR Blue Mica, Satin White Pearl and the new Plasma Blue Silica.

As for the interior, it has also been redesigned for model 2011. Display information about the car, which continuously displays outside temperature, mileage and time, and display audio, closer to the top of the dashboard. The front bucket seats use a combination of Alcantara and leather material. As an option used in the production of new bucket seats for front seat passengers of joint development with the company Recaro, which uses leather upholstery with more perforations in the cushion and backrest. In addition, they offer a more complete lateral support.

The new interior also received a black and silver finish. In a telescopic steering column with adjustable tilt is three-spoke steering wheel with steering wheel made of genuine leather, adorned with the logo in the center of STI. The wheel set switches that are compatible with the standard Bluetooth. The instrument panel combines three pointer, tachometer and speedometer between the fuel level in the same block with red illumination. If you turn the ignition key is activated, the arrows all three indexes are deflected to its maximum position, and quickly returned to the starting position. Block pointers is also equipped with indicators of engine speed, torque active differential and gear up. In addition, to highlight the step in the salon uses red LEDs, they are also installed in the tray and the console. The central console is decorated with the logo STI, which is highlighted when you turn on the headlights. We also note that for ease of use motors in the cabin installed to prevent injuries at the hands covering the finger with glass door and a timer delay closing.

Under the hood of the car received a 2.5-liter four-cylinder horizontally-reciprocating engine of Subaru Boxer turbo high pressure, which can be paired with a 6-speed manual or 5-speed automatic transmission, the E-5AT with manual control. In the first case unit develops 300 horsepower at 6000 rpm. (Torque - 407 Nm at 4000 rpm.) In the second - the same 300 horsepower, but at 6200 rpm. (350 Nm at 3000-6000 rev / min). Step up to "hundreds" is, respectively, 5,2 and 6 seconds., A top speed of 255 and 250 km / h fuel consumption on the combined cycle - 10,5 and 10,6 l, while CO2 emissions - 243 and 249 g / km. The characteristics of the exhaust system models are compatible with the standard Euro-5.

In the model WRX STI installed SI-DRIVE, which allows the driver to choose three different schemes of the engine corresponding to the situation on the road, and the mood of the driver, the system symmetrical AWD (Symmetrical AWD), a system of active center differential (DCCD), which flexibly changes the distribution coefficient torque between the front and rear axles from 41:59 to full lock (using the three self-locking automatic control and manual control), Dynamic Stability Control (VDC) with three modes, as well as system ABS, which includes a system of electronic distribution braking - EBD.

As for the chassis, its configuration revision so as to improve accuracy and speed of response control, maneuverability and the ability to retain the road. Also changed the characteristics of front and rear spiral springs and stabilizers. As a result of improvements in suspension clearance was reduced by 5 millimeters. In addition, both the front and the rear suspension springs are used increased rigidity and thicker front and rear stabilizers than in the previous model: 21 mm to 20 mm front and 19 mm to 18 mm in the rear. Spring constant increased by 15,6% in the front and 53% rear.

Price Subaru WRX STI 2011 model year has not been revealed.

In addition, the company introduced its stand and the Russian innovation - compact crossover Impreza XV, developed on the basis of 5-door model Impreza. Externally, the car is different original design of the grille and front bumper, a pronounced relief of headlights and wheel arches lining and interior rear spoiler and specially designed rails. Beauty model with fabric upholstery bucket seats, which, as noted in the company, "reinforced the motive of sportiness, using different parts of brown, as well as high-quality interior car. Information display and audio system located in the upper part of the central panel. Ventilation gratings are also at the center, which separates them from the climate control. In turn, the three main scales of devices are framed by rings of silver. When you turn the ignition needle is smoothly and quickly move to the maximum and back.

Under the hood of the novelty - aspirated engine Subaru Boxer DOHC cylinder capacity of 2.0 liters (150 horsepower at 6400 rpm., 196 Nm at 3200 rpm.) Paired with a 5-speed manual transmission or a dual band "automatic» E-4AT with manual control. In the first case, the dispersal and "hundreds" took 10.3 sec., In the second - 12.3 seconds. The maximum speed is, respectively, 189 and 182 km / h fuel consumption on the combined cycle - 8.4 liters and 8.2 liters for "hundred", CO2 emissions - 199 and 194 g / km (corresponds to the ecological standard Euro-5 "). The car is also equipped with symmetrical all-wheel drive

Subaru introduce new boxer engine in late 2010

Subaru company plans to introduce a brand new boxer engine in late 2010. As expected, the first new engine will get a crossover Forester, and later he appears on the models Legacy, Impreza and Exiga, reports Automotive News.
See what's new power plant there is not - we only know that this engine will be four-may get direct fuel injection, and its working capacity will be in the range from 2,0 to 2,5 liters. In addition, it will be about 10 per cent more economical than existing units and will be the first new boxer "Subaru" in the past 20 years.
Now Subaru has two reciprocating gasoline engine - the volume of 2,0 and 2,5 liter - in the atmospheric and forced-air options, and in Europe cars "Subaru sold more and boxer diesel.
In late 2009 the company introduced the Subaru and the prototype of its first "hybrid" - a large hatchback Hybrid Tourer received a two-liter gasoline engine with direct fuel injection and two electric motors - one in front and behind. The truth about the prospects for mass production of this model yet nothing is known.

Subaru Forester as the Sport Limited

Japan has started selling a special issue of Subaru Forester as the Sport Limited.

A car based on a complete set of 2.0H is exclusive color of the steel silver metallic, black seats, chrome door handles, 17-inch wheels, aluminum alloy with tires 225/55R17, HID-headlights with automatic leveling function and washers. Also, the model obtained on the roof spoiler, sporty dashboard with illumination, heated front seats, aluminum lining on the pedals, side airbags and airbag zanavesochnogo type SRS, writes Japancar.

Last month, the company is going to sell 125 copies Forester Sport Limited. Cost model for the Japanese market, the equivalent of $ 24.18 Thousands of model is also offered in white pearl, black pearl and brilliant silver metallic.

2010 Subaru produced a special series SUV Forester SureTrak

2010 Subaru produced a special series SUV Forester SureTrak
2010 Subaru produced a special series SUV Forester SureTrak: Subaru company produces for the UK market a special series called Forester SUV SureTrak on the basis of a complete set of XC.The car equip 2.0-liter atmospheric engine power 147 hp Series distinguishes additional equipment and colors. Forester SureTrak color in the color of dark gray metallic or bright silver metallic, writes Japan car.

New windows will be tinted rear hemisphere, front and rear parking sensors, electric folding exterior mirrors, splashes, as well as the catch for the goods in the baggage compartment. Inside, we did change the design of the front panel, especially the instrument panel. Suspension settings designed for a comfortable ride.

The price of car - 25.97 pounds.

2010 Porsche Carrera GT with an engine V10.

2010 Porsche Carrera GT with an engine V10.2010 Porsche Carrera GT with an engine V10.

Tuning-atelier Gemballa has created a new version of super Porsche Carrera GT with an engine V10. The series was called Mirage GT Gold Edition. As its name says that gold is not without cost: the supercar appeared golden insertion of carbon and other materials.

2010 Porsche Carrera GT with an engine V10.
2010 Porsche Carrera GT with an engine V10. Creation tuning masters received ultralight aerodynamic false weight. The engine also prokachali up to 650 horsepower. As a result, vehicles in a series of Mirage GT Gold Edition dispersed to hundreds of 3.7 sec. and reach the mast-head speed of 333 km / h, the TopSpeed.

2010 Porsche Carrera GT with an engine V10.

2011 Nissan Murano concept V6 power

2011 Nissan Murano concept V6 power2011 Nissan Murano concept V6 power, After a generational change, popular Nissan Murano crossover preparing to become convertible - the second after the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited car of its kind in the automotive world.

Unlike the ill-based off and Extreme Wrangler, dors convertible from Nissan will obviously urban vehicle. The source inside the company announced that the car is planned to equip folding soft-top - despite the growing popularity of the body-type convertible coupe with a folding rigid roof. All this is being done to save weight - parketniki and so do not differ ease of construction, but in open-top car still needed to deploy elements of the rigidity of power - including a massive beam between the first and second row of seats.

2011 Nissan Murano concept V6 powerHold the weight at a relatively low level would maintain the current series Murano fuel economies - 11.4 liters per 100 km of track in a combined mode achieved with assistance 3.5-liter V6 power of 265 hp and ????????? CVT - of course, provided that these components remain on the Convertible.

2011 Nissan Murano concept V6 power

2011 New Nissan Qashqai concept

2011 New Nissan Qashqai concept2011 New Nissan Qashqai concept, Nissan Qashqai for the year of its existence, became a real bestseller. Those who wish to get this compact crossover is still so much that the most unfortunate have to wait for a new car to 10 months. But this little Japanese company - now it has decided to extend its attention and large family. Otherwise, how else to explain the emergence of market semimestnogo Qashqai?

2011 New Nissan Qashqai conceptName of new items - Qashqai +2 - speaks for itself: five in the car coming, and the remaining two tesnyatsya it. However, Nissan does not hide itself: third row is for children or adults is very low (rising to 160 centimeters). So if you need a car to transport a large company, and Qashqai is very happy, you have to choose friends for growth ...

2011 New Nissan Qashqai conceptAnd, of course, prepare to sacrifice quantity carry food: despite the fact that the Nissan 'e extended to 135 millimetres axle base, two extra chairs "stole" part of the luggage. In addition, designers have increased foot space in the first and second row. When the third series of complicated, "the volume of cargo compartment" is 500 litres. "O" cargo capacity crossover with seven passengers on board "modest" Japanese tongues.

"Mnogodetny semeynik" equipped enhanced suspension, and its steering slightly reconfigure. Among the engines intended for semimestnogo crossover - familiar petrol engine volume 1.6 (115 horsepower), and two liters (140 horsepower). Residents of Europe even more fortunate. They will be able to choose among and diesel aggregates - 1.5 - and 2 - a capacity of 106 liters and 150 horsepower, respectively. The new prices will be known later. But now you can take turns in the showroom: is not known how many large families priglyanetsya this seven crossover, but certainly no small.

2011 New Nissan Qashqai concept

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