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2011 The new Skoda model ' Skoda Joyster'

2011 The new Skoda model ' Skoda Joyster'2011 The new Skoda model ' Skoda Joyster'

German automaker Volkswagen plans to produce low-budget model of the car. It is expected that the novelty will be sold on the market under the brand name of a subsidiary of the group - the brand Skoda.The main advantage of new items will be price. Volkswagen is planning to not go beyond 5 thousand euro. The new Skoda model would be established based on the concept Volkswagen Up! At the moment, aware, even the future of the best seller - Joyster. However, whether it will continue in the future, yet difficult to say.

Starting the production of new affordable foreign cars is tentatively scheduled for 2010-2011 - as soon as the assembly begins bantam Up! However, as the representative of a Czech company, no concrete decisions to launch production of new models has not been accepted. Name Joyster been used by us to the concept-square, which we released a few years ago ", - told the British representative Autocar Skoda.

2011 The new Skoda model ' Skoda Joyster'
The third company is a subsidiary of Volkswagen - Seat - also are likely to get a piece of cake. In developing the concept Up! assumed that their version of the new city will be retribution for all three brands. Develop a common platform for different brands can substantially reduce the production costs, and hence the final cost of the car.

Recall that Volkswagen is planning to market a whole family of cars based on this bantam, which will include a minimum of three-and five-door hatchback. The new models will be produced at the refinery in Bratislava, since 2011. Prototypes of these vehicles have already appeared in public in 2007. At the motor show in Frankfurt, Volkswagen showed the audience three options for a compact model with an unusual name Up! The length of the car 3,45 m, width - 1,63 meters. A design of new items was developed by a famous car designer Walter de Silva.

2011 The new Skoda model ' Skoda Joyster'

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