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2011 Mitsubishi Motors plans to soon expand the range of electric i-MiEV

2011 Mitsubishi Motors plans to soon expand the range of electric i-MiEV2011 Mitsubishi Motors plans to soon expand the range of electric i-MiEV, The company Mitsubishi Motors plans to soon expand the range of electric i-MiEV, adding to the range of available modifications intended only for short trips around the city, as well as the mast-head - with the largest possible margin of course. That was reported by Autocar magazine, referring to the President of the Japanese automakers Osamu Masuku.

2011 Mitsubishi Motors plans to soon expand the range of electric i-MiEVNormal Mitsubishi i-MiEV, which is in Japan so far can only be rented, equipped with a 63-strong electric motor and with a fully charged battery can travel about 160 kilometers. In the masthead as modified machines will increase the range to 200 kilometers, and charge the batteries from ordinary household electrical MiEV takes about seven hours.

2011 Mitsubishi Motors plans to soon expand the range of electric i-MiEVIn addition, the model also appears and the hybrid modification, which will be presented this fall at MOTORSHOW in Tokyo and will be on sale within the next three years. It was expected that Mitsubishi i-MiEV in Europe can be purchased in the next year.

2011 Mitsubishi Motors plans to soon expand the range of electric i-MiEV2011 Mitsubishi Motors plans to soon expand the range of electric i-MiEV

2011 New Nissan Stagea wagon is available in Japan

2011 New Nissan Stagea wagon is available in Japan2011 New Nissan Stagea wagon is available in Japan, They took the wagon Nissan M35 Stagea and imagine if it were a supercar GT-R.But what fun is reduced? At boring universal body simply a napyalili face of «Jit-era». True, Stagea not so broad in the shoulders, as a supercar, but imbalance quickly removed with the help of false weight.
But change looks not to the station wagon approached GT-R in terms of traction properties.

Nevertheless, in line engines Stagea is a nice way. For example, «turboshesterka» 2,5 VQ25DET output of 272 hp, giving a torque 407 Nm. However, on request tuners can squeeze under the hood and the cylinder bi-turbo «six» RB26DETT from the previous generation GT-R R34.
A relatively new Nissan Stagea wagon is available in Japan for 19 000 dollars, and for the body kit Kids Heart takes a further 10 000 dollars.

2011 New Nissan Stagea wagon is available in Japan
Nissan Stagea wagon produced from 2001 to 2007 in a number of modifications, and among them was even off-road touring. The car was built on a platform of V35, which, inter alia, based sedan Infiniti G35.

2011 New Nissan Stagea wagon is available in Japan

2011 Nissan Electric Leaf hatchback

2011 Nissan Electric Leaf hatchback2011 Nissan Electric Leaf hatchback, The company presented a new Nissan Electric Leaf. Motor power - 80 kW (109 hp), torque - 28.5 kg-m. To fully charge the lithium-ion batteries require 8 hours under a voltage of 200 V. Charge of 80% would take only 30 minutes. Nissan Leaf is able to pass on the same recharge up to 160 km. The model designed on the base hatchback Nissan Tiida: five doors and five seats. Design of the body have developed with the need to lower aerodynamic drag.

2011 Nissan Electric Leaf hatchback
New items will sell in Japan, the United States and Europe in late 2010.According to the company of Carlos Gonave, by 2020 electric market would be 20% of the total auto market. And in the next 20 years, the world sell 5,5-6 million electric

2011 Nissan Electric Leaf hatchback

2011 New Nissan Pathfinder Prices

2011 New  Nissan Pathfinder Prices 2011 New Nissan Pathfinder Prices , Nissan issued a new pricing and bundling Frontier pickup and Xterra and Pathfinder SUVs 2011 model year for the North American market. Cars differ expanded facilities, advanced security systems and the new Color, writes QX9.

Pickup Frontier 2011 in base XE King Cab (4-cylinder 2.5-liter engine, rear-wheel drive, ICIE) costs of $ 17.5 thousand Price Frontier with the 4.0-liter V6 engine starts from $ 22.3 thousand in Version SE Crew Cab (rear-wheel drive, ICIE).

2011 New  Nissan Pathfinder Prices
Nissan Pathfinder Prices start from $ 27.4 thousand in complete FE + (4,0-liter V6, rear-wheel drive, Automatic), a version of LE (5,6-liter V8, a full drive, the ACPP) is $ 42.16 thousand Nissan Xterra is now worth from $ 22.45 thousand (4.0-liter V6, rear-wheel drive, ICIE). Full speed automatic transmission and raise the price to $ 24.5 thousand

2011 New  Nissan Pathfinder Prices

2011 New Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet Concept

2011 New Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet Concept2011 New Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet Concept, According to the American Internet publications, the Japanese company Nissan in November this year, serial convertible, built on the basis of Murano. Based on the Nissan Murano crossover built a large convertible soft-top, which will be called CrossCabriolet, write Motorsports.

2011 New Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet ConceptThe main market will be a unique gig, of course, the United States. They sell new items will begin in the second half of next year. It's now known that in the cabin will be four comfortable seats (the good, the size of machine can do it), will not go anywhere and all-wheel drive with increased ground clearance.

2011 New Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet Concept"Murano CrossCabriolet represents a breakthrough in the concept of a car" - say in the Nissan. As reported, the third-largest Japanese carmaker Nissan Motor Co. plans to increase production capacity in China more than doubled. In September, Nissan will open a joint venture to assemble vehicles with Dongfeng Motor Corp. in Zhengzhou (Henan Province, eastern China).

The new plant is designed to produce 120 thousand cars a year, it is intended to relieve the production to an existing plant in Guangzhou, which collects cars Dualis and X-Trail.

2011 New Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet Concept
2011 New Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet Concept, Sales of Nissan vehicles in China rose in July at 12% - up to 79.46 thousand cars.

In March this year, Nissan Motor Co. announced the withdrawal of 540 thousand cars worldwide because of problems with the brake pedal and fuel gauges. An appropriate statement was made today by representatives of Japanese companies. It is reported that the main countries in which the campaign will be revoked vehicles will be the U.S., Canada, the Middle East, as well as Russia.

Among recallable models with defects in the gas pedal specify Nissan Titan, Infiniti QX56, and Nissan Armada 2008-2010 years of manufacture, as well as the Nissan Quest 2008-2009 annual production. In addition, errors in the fuel sensors entailed reviews models Nissan Titan, Armada, Infiniti QX56, Nissan Frontier, and Pathfinder and Xterra 2005-2008 years of manufacture.

2011 New Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet Concept

2011 Mitsubishi Release Electric Vehicles The Electric i-Miev

2011 Mitsubishi Release Electric Vehicles The Electric i-Miev2011 Mitsubishi Release Electric Vehicles The Electric i-Miev, Following the Subaru, announced release of electric Stella, Mitsubishi company announced early in the production of the auto show in Detroit (USA) in 2009, the electric i-Miev.

Both vehicles will be on sale in July, but, unlike the company's Subaru, which was originally intended to put on the market only 170 electric vehicles, Mitsubishi is planning to produce 1 400 i-Miev, native who could become only the businesses and government entities. Sales of electric vehicles for private individuals will begin no earlier than April 2010 on.

The company plans to put in the current fiscal year abroad 250 i-Miev - mainly in Britain and other European countries. In addition, Mitsubishi Electric intends to sell in China and the United States, but details have not yet been clarified. Overall, up to March 2012 automakers is going to sell in a year of not less than 15 thousand cars. Meanwhile, the production of i-Miev becomes profitable only when the conveyor for the year will go no less than 30 thousand cars.

2011 Mitsubishi Release Electric Vehicles The Electric i-Miev
I-Miev price of about $ 47 000, while the Japanese government intends to encourage compatriots who buy environmentally friendly electric vehicles, offsetting about a third of the cost of the machine.

2011 Mitsubishi Release Electric Vehicles The Electric i-Miev
i-Miev are supplied lithium ion battery and 47-kilowatt electric motor. On reloading the battery using the charger requires 30 minutes, from 200 V sockets - 7 hours. With the regenerative brakes, batteries recharged during the movement of automobiles.

2011 Mitsubishi Release Electric Vehicles The Electric i-Miev
Electric car is equipped with electric climate control with air conditioning, LED headlamps, navigation system with 7-inch screen and storage for storing road maps.

2011 Mitsubishi Release Electric Vehicles The Electric i-Miev

2011 Mitsubishi start selling a special version of Colt ClearTec

2011 Mitsubishi start selling a special version of Colt ClearTec2011 Mitsubishi start selling a special version of Colt ClearTec, Company Mitsubishi start selling a special version of Colt ClearTec, which like most of the current production models aimed at saving fuel and reducing exhaust emissions. Under the title ClearTec hiding TimeZero technology, aimed at implementing the above mentioned goals.

With regard to modernization, one of the major improvements is the development, already became famous, the system start-stop, which is available for 1.3 liter. gasoline engine. Recall that the system disables the engine at all the stops and include it as soon as the driver pressed the clutch pedal to activate the first transmission.

2011 Mitsubishi start selling a special version of Colt ClearTec
If you go to the numbers, the Mitsubishi Colt ClearTec has reduced by 30%, as fuel consumption, and CO2 emissions, which now amounts to 5.0 liters. 100 km and 119 g / km of CO2. In addition to the car for the first time used tires with low resistance, which also have an impact on the economy Colt ClearTec.

2011 Mitsubishi start selling a special version of Colt ClearTec
Obviously, the Mitsubishi Colt ClearTec - this is just the beginning, as the company plans to introduce green technology and Pajero and other models, the emergence of which can be expected within the next few years.

2011 Mitsubishi start selling a special version of Colt ClearTec

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2011 New Nissan accelerator Concept Automatically

2011 New Nissan accelerator Concept  Automatically
2011 New Nissan accelerator Concept Automatically, For drivers who like to pursue at the gas pedal, but do not want to overpay for gasoline, the company presented a new Nissan accelerator, which automatically moves back to help the driver to travel long distances.

2011 New Nissan accelerator Concept Automatically, "Environmental pedal" is a system from Nissan, is the latest innovation among car manufacturers, in the struggle to attract customers technologies designed to save fuel. Gas pedal automatically moves back to the leg when the system fixes the excessive pressure on the accelerator, while telling the driver that he or she uses more fuel than necessary, say in the company of Nissan.

2011 New Nissan accelerator Concept  Automatically
2011 New Nissan accelerator Concept Automatically, The sensor is placed environmental driving on the dashboard and shows the level of fuel consumption in real time. Also, he pointed optimal level of fuel consumption of fuel for driving, changing color when the driver exceeds his.

2011 New Nissan accelerator Concept Automatically, The company Nissan said that their study found that using this system drivers can improve fuel efficiency spending by 10%, in addition the system can be disabled. Japanese car manufacturer, ranks third in the country, plans to begin installation of such pedals in their cars next year.

2011 New Nissan accelerator Concept Automatically, Gas pedal, invented by Nissan, allowed them one step ahead of Toyota company and its panel "Ecological Movement", which was presented in 2006, she tells the driver if he leads the car fuel in style.

2011 New Nissan accelerator Concept  Automatically

2011 Nissan Maxima Concept Review

2011 Nissan Maxima Concept Review, Nissan Maxima is angry for re-opening of its aristocratic essence. And this new appearance is absolutely a abode to be. With the addition in 2002, a new alternation of cars Nissan Altima, the above at the moment at the aiguille of acceptance Nissan Maxima so to speak, came into decay.

Although both models of these cars were based on the aforementioned D-platform and offered the aforementioned V6 engine alternation VQ, Maxima went on auction recession and Nissan now sells these types of cars - Altima and Maxima in a arrangement of 5 to 1. All the aforementioned committed admirers Nissan Maxima, "maksimisty", remained affectionate to this machine, already declared dors sports car (4DSC) - all in the endure year was bought added than 52000 copies Maxima. 2009 Nissan Maxima - this is their accolade for years of continued delay and autonomous cutting of the cachet of those absent years.

With the new V6 engine at 290 horsepower, with a new attending to the abutting with adherence and chain in 4 hdvernyh sports car (4DSC), Nissan Maxima 2009 afresh looks and functions as not alone chic auto in nissanovskoy bandage of cars, but aswell as a austere amateur peredneprivodnyh sedans a allotment of any avant-garde producer.


Who, until now, could allege buyers that they approved to easier, but at the aforementioned time added able and, not least, beneath big-ticket Altima? Since 2002, at the V6 engine Altime "razdulsya" up to 270 hp, while Nissan Maxima at the aforementioned engine had unimportant, but acutely lower 255 horsepower.

Looking from the side, the Maxima attending like actual alpha avantyurno and angrily (though rather asinine and actively) with a huge grille, across-the-board bottle roof with a miniature window (the creators of the avant-garde abstraction of the car) and four brazier seats. It seemed that Nissan Maxine absolutely began to "fade".

But with the appearance of Nissan Maxima 2009, there were new affidavit to accomplish this car afresh appeared in adjustment nissanovskih archetypal sedans. To alpha will be absorbing is the new adapted V6 3.5 litre engine with 290 hp now surpasses "napyschenny" engine Altima added alone in sports 306 hp 350Z. And software car alleged Nissan Xtronic now allows to use the new automated manual (crane-regulated transmission), which is abundant bigger than the old.

Meanwhile, the new autogenous Maxima in a new appearance (which, incidentally, reside looks abundant bigger than in photographs) is absolutely established, to differentiate it from any apparatus in the apple billboards and buses abutting the top sedans. Altered locations of autogenous and appearance a aggressive amalgamation of ball and advice capabilities acquiesce car in a way to attempt with its added big-ticket aggregation Infinity. The alone affair that distinguishes autogenous architecture from Nissan Maxima Infiniti - is one of the capital chips endure - egg-shaped alarm on the dashboard.


By 2009, every new car this alternation will be able with agnate engines V6 3.5 litre DOHC with 290 hp and will be managed by the aforementioned arrangement peredneprivodnoy Xtronic with crane-controlled transmission.

The abject archetypal is accepted as Maxima 3.5 S and bigger able (and, according to Nissan managers, bigger selling) archetypal - 3.5 SV, which may be added "bacon" difficult Sports amalgamation or aristocratic Premium amalgamation and opportunities "to abundance up". Aswell accessible are two Tehnologicheskih package, which can be compared in models SV. There is aswell accumulated enthusiasts SR-package, but it is absurd to be formally installed on cars produced at atomic in the abreast future.

The official amount of a new Nissan Maxima has not been divulged, but we apprehend that Maxima S in the abject apparatus that would amount something like $ 31 000, and in bundling SV - $ 33 000. Our appraisal of $ 2 600 for Premium and $ 1 900 for Tehnologichnogo bales are based on accepted offers from Nissan and Infinity. If we yield into annual these bales (a) in the abject apparatus Nissan SV (plus $ 200 for aerial driver's seat), the final amount will ability $ 37 700. This amount is acceptable, but you should abide account to acquisition out what in fact accept to pay money…


In adjustment to abate weight and add a sports car dynamics of motion, the wheelbase 2009 Maxima was, as it does not admit the sad, bargain by 5.08 cm and foreground auto were apparent broadly at 3.5 cm, and rear - by 3 cm There are some accomplish to ensure To access the acerbity of the body, while the engine and manual will be "planted" beneath to advance the centermost clips force. Aluminium fabricated allotment of Infinity were alloyed with revised geometry and adjustment ambit council has been remade.

And by the way, afore 2009 Nissan Maxima went into production, he has been activated with altered test-drive in Nyurburgringe. All these changes in the basic of the car resulted in a car that appeared an accomplished antithesis amid superior and acceptable biking fast driving. We found, however, that during our predproizvodstvennogo test-drive car were apparent by some baffling skachuschim burden in car tires and accordingly active caps with the tyres get a few tense.

However, there is actual little peredneprivodnyh cars that can ride a multigrade tyres, and aswell accumulate an accomplished administration while active through a slalom at speeds over 66 miles, per hour, whirls on testing skidding to 0.83 g of crabbed dispatch and while a acceptable way to biking agilely and bear an abandoned drive impression, as can the Nissan Maxima. Area benumbed Altimy will be rather asperous and "trembling", Maxima 2009 canyon smoothly, not carrying any aggravation to its driver.


In affairs the bandage from Nissan Maxima has all the affairs to get avant-garde Altimu, but the final after-effects we will get afterwards comparing avant-garde models of machines with those of the types of cars that accept been avant-garde to 2007.

Both cars were adapted with a crane-controlled transmission. At this time, Maxim acquired 60 afar per hour in 6.5 seconds, which is greater than the amount at Altimy in 2007 (60 m / h for 6.6 seconds). A division mile ambit aswell showed the advantage of added application from Nissan Maxima - auto accomplished this ambit of 14.7 abnormal at a acceleration of 97 afar per hour, compared with 15 abnormal to 95 m / h at Altimy.

For the abounding stop at a acceleration of 60 afar per hour this 3631 batter car with the abutment of ABS braking and cyberbanking aegis charge all 128 anxiety to multigrade tyres. This, of course, bigger than Altimy, but this is far from the apple record. Accomplished anchor pedal is located, has a acceptable and acute response. The arrangement of abounding braking car in foreground of this actual beeline and intuitive.


The autogenous of the car absolutely at the benevolence of the axial multimedia arrangement based on abounding harder drives, which interacts with such important data of the amalgamation of Technology, as the aeronautics arrangement with articulation identification, as able-bodied as XM NavTraffic, 7 - inch blush adviser blow with the camera, added to this on the deejay is 9.3 gigabytes of chargeless amplitude to abundance music.

Also autogenous of the car has accomplished covering seats premium-class, able scope council caster with insets of eucalyptus tree. And this is alone a few that can action aristocratic Premium package. Even with the abridgement caster base, accessories "in the rear" on the car still remained actual abundant and convenient. For example, there are absorbing opportunities, as protivodozhdevoy affectation for the rear bottle and audio administration arrangement \ HVAC, hidden in the armrest.

The continued account of accepted accessories Nissan Maxima alone surpassed even best call a array of added anatomic packages. All the aforementioned as any case, affairs Maxima is a actual acceptable choice, abnormally if we analyze it with the Acura TL or for archetype with the Lexus ES 350.


As a result, the all-embracing aftereffect of the 2009 Nissan Maxima is constant with sedans from Infiniti. It is costly, a lot of able with the all-important accessories and secured, actual comfortable, antic and absolutely surpasses its antecedent economical Nissan Altima. But area is the egg-shaped clock? Answer: All avant-garde cars Infinity zadneprivodnye; Nissan peredneprivodny same. Here are the aforementioned and absolute and, indeed, the alone cogent aberration amid these cars.

While we can not absolutely acknowledge this nissanovskoe offspring, but we can confidently accompaniment that boastful acknowledgment dors sports car took place. And that, at this point is acutely the best archetypal Nissan Maxima. And active it abundant bigger than, for example, a Toyota Avalon or Honda Accord. And individuality from the apparatus alert as abounding than the Toyota Camry or Hyundai Azera.

2009 Nissan Maxima eventually rose to a akin that the city-limits absolutely abrasion the acme flagship address fleet in Nissan. And he does so with pride and pleasure. This car is so acceptable that we can not be afraid if our book of Infinity I35 would be an cold for vysokolobyh developers and designers of cars such extra-class.

Now, afterwards chief all above issues and dilemmas, the alone catechism that charcoal - whether it is bought committed admirers Maxima brainstorm Altman 3.5 SE or waiting, finally, such a miracle, Maxima 3.5 SV 2009? In the added adaptation of their continued cat-and-mouse abnormally crowned with triumph. What already afresh proves that Nissan did not casting their admirers and not forgotten.

2011 New Sports Car Nissan Fairlady Z Version Nismo

2011 New Sports Car Nissan Fairlady Z Version Nismo2011 New Sports Car Nissan Fairlady Z Version Nismo, In Japan, began selling a new sports car Nissan Fairlady Z Version Nismo. Sporkar equipped exclusive bumpers, protection thresholds and rear spoiler. Changes in on-board computer and the engine compartment lid. A new exhaust system has to increase engine power by 14 kW, as compared with the baseline version. The car got power steering, seats, leather and cloth cover, steering wheel and the lever handle to move, cover the skin, exclusive door trim and new aluminum wheels and Potenza RE050A suspension tuning. About how much is in Japan, Nissan Fairlady Z Version Nismo - not reported.

2011 New Sports Car Nissan Fairlady Z Version Nismo
2011 New Sports Car Nissan Fairlady Z Version Nismo2011 New Sports Car Nissan Fairlady Z Version Nismo

2011 some of the latest plan from several car companies

2011 some of the latest plan from several car companies2011 some of the latest plan from several car companies, Three workers at the U.S. automotive market the company will receive government loan of $ 8 billion to create a car that economize on fuel, said in Detroit, Minister of Energy Steven Chu.

American avtogigantu Ford on the development and introduction of mass production of efficient cars will be allocated 5.9 billion dollars. Japanese Nissan gets credit 1.6 billion dollars. Another 465 million dollars will be allocated to the American company Tesla Motors, which manufactures electric vehicles.

"These investments will have for our country to new jobs, decrease dependence on oil imports and fewer harmful emissions into the atmosphere", - said Steven Chu. According to him, the negotiations for similar loans and the Government is with Chrysler. It is currently in the process of bankruptcy.

As expected, the issued up to 2011 acclaim Ford adapted several of its plants in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky and Missouri. These plants will be 13 new and adapted models of cars of the group. According to Ford, the capital accent in creating able machines will be placed on accouterment them with electric motors.

Nissan affairs to use goskredit for advance of their enterprises in Smirnov (Tennessee), which aswell will be electric.

California aggregation Tesla Motors receives funds for the enactment of electric machines and electric thrust. Currently, the aggregation produces a different electric "Tesla", which does not crop to the car with the accepted centralized agitation engines. On one allegation the car can biking up to 400 kilometers. In accomplishing so, the best acceleration the car alcove 210 km per hour. Acceleration to 100 km per hour, took a "Tesla" alone four seconds

2011 New Nissan 370Z Concept

2011 New Nissan 370Z Concept
2011 New Nissan 370Z Concept, Nissan 370Z - not car racing, a dynamic, comfortable and most importantly, economical sports, designed for ordinary roads

The place of the European test-drive Nissan 370Z was announced avtopoligon CERAM near Paris. Journalists rather rub one's hands: will have the opportunity to experience the novelty of its elements - in the racing ring. But on arrival in France we waited disappointment: to CERAM we ???????, but only managed to take his parking space and a press center, and all the test routes were laid around the site, on public roads. Official version: Nissan 370Z - not car racing, and to assess its potential, rather ordinary roads. But there was and informal - the economic crisis. After all the tests the machine on the track just means the other costs of gasoline, plus a daily (or even more), replace the tires (and they have 370Z 19-inch, the dimension of 275/35).

A car failed. «The pleasure, as a Porsche for the price of Audi TT», - a verdict rendered is one of the French automobile magazine the previous generation, Nissan 350Z. Perhaps, I am ready to subscribe to these words and for the new version. Despite the fact that under the bonnet of the new «zedki» is the engine volume 3.7 liters, not 3.5 liters, the car became lighter by 32 kg. In particular, due to the fact that the doors, bonnet and boot lid are made of aluminum, the new front suspension has become easier for 25% and back - 8%. Wheelbase Nissan 370Z dropped by 100 mm, and front and rear track, on the contrary, increased by 15 mm and 55 mm respectively, making the vehicle more manoeuvrable.

Nissan 370Z completed seven automatic gearbox or a six mechanics. The machine has the world's first system to synchronize the engine and gearbox Synchro Rev Control (SRC). However, rental cars and on to the mechanics, and machine-gun, I was at a loss: why «zedke» generally require a mechanical box with a beautiful ACPP (technically, both versions are identical - only difference in the gearbox and, consequently, weight: the car with the mechanics at 12 kg lighter)? Because the Nissan 370Z with a machine with the same dynamic as with the mechanics, the more comfortable, and - most importantly - cost. Having heard about this from nissanovskogo engineer, I decided to experiment - traveled the same route in the same style in cars with mechanics and machine. And was struck by the difference in the results: in the car with the mechanics of on-board computer showed an average speed of 38.4 km / h and the flow rate of 17.5 liters per 100 kilometers, and with the machine - 37,0 km / h and 12.3 liters. Given that the car with mechanics, I was driving one, but with Automatic - with a passenger!

eather progress from Nissan 370Z is quite acceptable for sports (which has been tested on tracks zaplatannyh French villages), noise insulation and acoustic comfort - at a level with the exception of wheel arches, in which stones and sand sound very loud.

2011 New Nissan 370Z Concept
Records at this time, I did not set out, not even approaching the claimed maximum speed Nissan 370Z - 250 km / h, afraid of fines. Although the French maps, loaded with easy-to-read and easy to use navigation system Nissan, have been identified stationary radars. The French authorities do not do this secrecy, as well as radars are installed on most stretches of road accident as a warning: it does not need to accelerate. Replenishing the budget at the expense of fines with reckless drivers, the French radar system a few years ago «otbila» the cost of its creation, and now works in the plus for the state. Together with the navigation system complete with car bluetooth - communication with the phone, as always at the Nissan, installed easily, the sound quality is good.

Department of Navigation and on-board computer - with the same keyboard, which puts on the Infiniti; button engine start, podrulevye switching speeds - the same as that for cars luxury brand group Nissan. And the whole cabin looks richer than in other cars Nissan. Particularly impressive version looks orange trim salon skin and Alcantara - and nissanovskie designers picked a deep orange hue, which fits well with the black and steel elements. The steering wheel is not painted with the emblem of Nissan, a company Z. And from nissanovskogo «past» - the steering wheel, which is regulated along with the dashboard and, unfortunately, the only angle.

The only passenger not less comfortable than the driver - a big supply of seat adjustments, armrests convenient forms located at the same height. Vision with a good location and the driver and passenger.

2011 New Nissan 370Z Concept

2011 Nissan shows electric car worldwide

2011 Nissan shows electric car worldwideNissan shows electric car common in aboriginal August, The accident should accompany with the date of aperture the new address of Nissan Motor in Yokohama. Assembly of electric starts in a few months.

After several years of development, congenital dozens of prototypes and concepts, a lot of bread-and-butter difficulties and a amount of collective ventures, activity to actualize a massive electric Nissan, it seems, goes on the home stretch. The aggregation is accessible to authenticate the electric public, but there is, apparently, in several stages.

2011 Nissan shows electric car worldwideWrites the oldest British account Autocar, Nissan Motor affairs to authority the aboriginal accessible affectation of electric during the aperture commemoration of the new address for the aggregation in Yokohama. There is 2 August. Official advice about the characteristics of the archetypal says little, but Nissan confidently expects to yield a arch position in the growing segment, proposing a archetypal that has bigger than those of competitors, the characteristics at a aggressive amount (it, incidentally, has not appear a word). The aggregation alone said that the ambit of Accumulation Electric will be about alert the amount competitors, such as a part of Japanese companies may be primarily advised as Mitsubishi and Subaru, accept already appear their models above-mentioned to accumulation production. Here, Nissan aswell intends to be advanced with a plan every year to aftermath at atomic 50 000 electric vehicles, which exceeds the a lot of optimistic affairs of competitors.

The official admission of the archetypal will be captivated in October at the International Motor Show in Tokyo. Accumulation assembly and sales alpha aboriginal next year, ie somewhat after than those of competitors. Nevertheless, Nissan hopes to arch positions.

2011 Nissan shows electric car worldwide

2011 New System new dual-fuel injection by Nissan

2011 New System new dual-fuel injection by Nissan2011 New System new dual-fuel injection by Nissan, Company Nissan arise the development of new dual-fuel injection, which, according to assembly from automakers, would advance the ammunition ability of gasoline engines of the baby aggregate of about four per cent. As declared in the official columnist release, this technology would be alleged Dual Injector Arrangement and will arise in cars Nissan next year.

A affection of the new arrangement is the ammunition bang through the two nozzles in anniversary cylinder, the ammunition is sprayed added evenly, which reduces the bulk of unburnt ammunition and abate carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, the engine with Dual Injector arrangement will be able with connected capricious valve timing on the assembly and use in the agitator are beneath than bisected of attenuate metals.

2011 New System new dual-fuel injection by NissanThe new Nissan arrangement is agnate to absolute injection, which, according to assembly of Japanese companies, inefficient use of engines for baby volume, back it requires accession of the ammunition pump, top pressure, which complicates the architecture of the engine and udorozhaet. In Nissane "clarify that the units with the Dual Injector Arrangement cheaper analogues with accepted absolute bang of about 60 per cent.

2011 New System new dual-fuel injection by Nissan

2011 Nissan electric car Concept Tecnology

2011 Nissan electric car Concept Tecnology2011 Nissan electric car Concept Tecnology, Nissan Motor Company is developing technology for wireless battery charging electric WorldCarFans writes, referring to unnamed sources. According to the new technology is based on existing desktop charging stations, wireless phones and smartphones. It is anticipated that the official Nissan will show a new technology with a new electric at the beginning of August in Yokohama.

2011 Nissan electric car Concept Tecnology
We know that electric car Nissan will pyatidvernym hatchback with electric power and lithium battery, allowing the car to pass on the full charge of 160 km at speeds up to 145 km / h. Test Nissan electric car is created on the base model Cube (pictured).

2011 Nissan electric car Concept Tecnology

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